5 thoughts on “12,000 Excess Deaths in Spain, Ministry of Health cannot explain”

  1. Last evening I watched a sci fi horror movie from 1974 on a tv channel. . It was called Coma.It was a thriller bc it was about medical Drs and nurses who behind the scenes intentionally experimenting with life and death euthanasia on unaware patients.
    That sci fi is beyond reality now as we are asked to taxpayer fund trans gender surgeries whether we are conscience convicted agst it or not..

    1. We are purposely being distracted by this never ending loop of JAB chatter when we are missing the BIGGER picture and no media, political party are bringing it to the American people to inform them of the most evil ever waged against the human race. Jobs cost of living, energy although important they all are of no significance when we are genetically modified (enslaved) trans humanize or dead. This issue should have been what the election was about!!
      Please check the following link from Rome’s Brother Alexis Bugnolo. He delivers a powerful message


  2. I wonder why they don’t just say “it’s the long covid effect” !?
    Or is it just to make acceptable that dead people suddenly or in a young age, is the new conception of normality? “We don’t know why, that’s it. Period. Life continues (or not, but it’s the same)”

    PS: I draw your attention on the music clip of the black eyed peas “Don’t you worry” (no comment..). Horrid.

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