Archbishop Ganswein confirms that the Letter to Don Minutella is a Forgery!

Editor’s note: I cannot publish a translation, since I do not have permission. But the essence of this report is, that when asked by Kath,Net, a leading conservative Catholic News source in Germany, the Private Secretary of Pope Benedict XVI has in unequivocal terms, called the letter a forgery, and the claim that it is from him, fake news, pure and simple. — This is a wonderful confirmation of the forensic sense of Andrea Cionci, whom I interviewed the other day on this topic.

Marco Tosatti, one of the leading Vaticanista in Italy, now has cream pie on his face, for having run a story that the letter was authentic, even though he had been warned by professionals not to do this. But thankfully he has corrected the historical record with his republication of Kath.Net’s scoop. also has pie on the face, because they ran an article claiming the letter was authentic, even though the German version was shot full of errors. And this, because is headed by a a prince of Liechtenstein, though their non profit foundation is head quartered in the same town as the CIA!  Who arguably were the ones who got Bergoglio installed in power, after Hilary called for a springtime in the Church.

Here is the original report in German:

Andrea Cionci and his team of forensic researchers have gathered clues as to the origin and composition of this forgery:

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15 thoughts on “Archbishop Ganswein confirms that the Letter to Don Minutella is a Forgery!”

  1. “What goes around, comes around!”
    The nefarious strategies of the enemy conceived in darkness are always, sooner or later, exposed as the deceptions/distractions/falsehoods/lies that they actually are when the cold light of Truth is shone upon them.

    Satan fights dirty and ferocious battles with the mind, soul and body…….
    But he & his wicked spirits will never be completely successful.

    GOD always wins, ultimately!!

  2. Marco Tosatti had to save face by republishing the actual truth about the letter. A shame that he didn’t issue an apology though, for his imprudence in republishing the initial fake news to begin with. It’s almost as if he *wanted* the letter to be valid. At least it comes across that way.

    1. Marco Tosatti lost all credibility with me, when he published an article calling me an idiot and refused me the opportunity to reply to the charges.

      1. I am.very sorry.
        Light will bright at the end..
        Is Brighting now.

        Brave Christians like you, Cionci or Bishop Ganswein, let us to have light.

  3. Vaticanisti e Preti della Chiesa di Pachamama!! Un’intingolo che sa’ di marcio e puzza del fumo del diavolo!!

    Vatican (experts?!) and Priests of the Pachamama Church!! A mixture which tastes rotten and smells of the smoke of the devil!!

    1. Now that Archbishop Gaenswein knows of the forgery, I expect him to file a criminal complaint with the Vatican Police. And since this letter was mailed by certified mail from a Vatican post office, the cameras certainly captured the face of the perp or his accomplice. Also and a certain Priest who runs a blog called Isola di Patmos came into possession of PDFs which seem to have been made by the perp, so they propably will be sought out by the Italian Police, since to forge a letter from a head of state’s secretary is a serious criminal offense, especially in Italy, if it discovered that several persons were involved, the penalties are 5x for criminal association. Get your popcorn ready….

  4. In the biography of Benedict xvi.
    He said to his autobiographer is better not to talk and keep silence to mantain his moral authority.

    If he talks all media attacks him ans his words .

    Andreas Cionci mentions that BXVI at Hollymass mentions his persons as to God “yours not dignus Servus ”

    That fake letter tried to confuse us, saying there was a Pope sucesor.

    There is no sucesión..BXVI is Peter in Imped Sed.

    That fake letter was made without charity, the seal of BenedictoXVI and Monseñor Ganswein writings will bring always charity.

    BXVI has tried to bring heretics teólogos and traditionalists as Williamson, with charity , to the last step , He expects that love can change them.

    Finishing exvomunication to Bishops from Lefebvre or with Dialoge with atheists, or bringin there positions to Jesus of Nazaret the book of BXVI, to try to help them to find the path, against modernism mistake of Jesus historic with our faith.

    He will never write that fake letter to Don Minutela.

  5. The Holy Father Benedict XVI received the Grand Archbishop of Kiev, Svyatoslav Shevchuk. The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church reported to Benedict XVI and Archbishop Georg Gänswein on Wednesday about the difficult humanitarian situation in Ukraine, writes the press service ACI Stampa (Thursday).
    In the face of the Holy Father Benedict, compassion for the state of the Church is expressed more than the travails of old age. A symbol of the current state of the Church.

    1. Yes, see my article on Rules, Regulations and Proceedures, under the section, who can be elected.

      1. If the original letter was sent to Archbishop Ganswein, or to our Holy Father, how is it that someone else had access, to then respond with the forgery?
        As with the criminals in governments and elsewhere, their world is falling apart!
        Our Lord Jesus is Coming with His Kingdom on earth as It is in Heaven! A New Era!
        Glory be to God, and Blessed be Our Lady, Mother and Queen!

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