Don Minutella, Andrea Cionci & Br. Bugnolo talk about the “Ganswein” Forgery


Last night’s program.

This program was to air at 9:15 PM, on Nov. 10th, but for technical reasons terminated after only 12 minutes. Fr. MInutella did a follow up this morning:

AND TONIGHT, ROME TIME, at 6:30 PM, the original transmission will be attempted again….

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3 thoughts on “Don Minutella, Andrea Cionci & Br. Bugnolo talk about the “Ganswein” Forgery”

  1. I have watched this in England at just after 4am [!} on the 11th November – it is 11.5 minutes of Don Minutella talking passionately in Italian. GOD bless & protect him.
    But neither Andrea Cionci or Brother Alexis feature in this video.
    Is there another segment to follow…….?

    Pax vobiscum.

    1. The transmission was interrupted by some technical failure, and so was cancelled. They have numerous technical problems at Don Minutella’s studio in Sicily, which have never been resolved, but I think it is mostly because in Italy, access to the internet via cellphone, is not a certain affair, and during certain hours of the day, the public traffic on the cellphone towers is so great, that one can lose connection, if one does not know the tricks to work around the system.

      1. Thanks for the explanation, I had assumed it was “a technical problem”.
        Which, of course, is one of the enemy’s many strategies to try and prevent the Truth from being made public…….

        Pax tecum.

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