Pope Benedict XVI: “I continue to pray for Ukraine”

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am thankful that the Holy Father has now publicly confirmed that the cause of the Ukrainians is just and that what the members of the Ordo Miltiaris Catholics, one of the first organizations to declare for Pope Benedict, was doing since March of this year, to help Ukrainians has his prayers backing us up.

If you would like to help those for whom the Holy Father is praying, see CrossAzure.Org, the non profit I founded at Kyiv, which is now distributing winter supplies to the poorest villages in Western Ukraine, to which millions of internal refugees have fled.

Our American Veterans work 24/7 without pay. We are trying to keep them funded with $4000 USD a month. They are currently distributing free supplies provided by the EU. Our organization was chosen for its expertise in accountability, logistics and leadership. We receive no funding, however, from the EU or any government.

Since July, the readers of FromRome.Info have donated $250 USD to this cause, directly. I have begged relatives for another $3000 and have given another $1250 making as many sacrifices I can. — I say this to let all know how great the need is.


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