VATICAN: Former Auditors sue for damages for wrongful termination

Quotable take-away: .. “for fear of retaliation, since they believe that currently there is neither justice nor rule of law in the Vatican but instead arbitrariness and vindictiveness.”

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2 thoughts on “VATICAN: Former Auditors sue for damages for wrongful termination”

  1. Edwrd Pentin’s tweet/quote is a concise summary of heretical antipope Bergoglio’s ‘modus operandi’:-
    “…they’re not simply corrupt or inept, they’re cruel, spiteful, vengeful.”

    And every Roman Catholic who loves the one true Roman Rite, the ‘Mass of Ages’, knows precisely how cruel/spiteful/vengeful the current Vatican cabal is!

    But the modernists/masons/communists/heretics/schismatics in the hierarchy will never prevail, they cannot win, they merely impose a temporary persecution.

    GOD will not be mocked!

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