Sr. Bruna explains the Ratzinger Code in Polish

Sr. Bruna is blazing a trail in Poland, explaining how Pope Benedict XVI is still our true pope. You can support her hermitage, here.

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4 thoughts on “Sr. Bruna explains the Ratzinger Code in Polish”

  1. Dear brother Bungolo, I am happy that somebody is spreading your message in Poland. However, so-called sister Bruna or her mother, sister Clara, are not the real nuns. I hope you know, that they refused to co-operate with their local archbishop of Częstochowa. They are self-proclaimed hermiteeses, who put on themselves the habits without ANY holy orders, like an actor will put any costume to play a role in the movie.

    I am not against anybody in today’s church, which is not giving a just judgment to many holy people or prophets around, however I want you to know that these women are not nuns and are not cooperating with church authorities. They can spread your message without pretending to be nuns, but they don’t.

    Also, there are some information, which suggest that the whole “nun activities” of that family is directed to create the founds to support medical costs of the mother (sister Clara) related to her illness. Honestly, I do not know the truth, but I want you to know that, because they represent your name in Poland.

    1. Beata, since when in Church Law is it required to have the permission of the Bishop to consecrate yourself to God and observe a rule, which in this case, seems to be St. Benedict’s. Yes, one should have gone through a canonical novitiate in an Order. But the Orders have more than 20 years ago gone for the most part into corruption. As for funds raised, it is a sin for sisters to use money for their care in times of sickness. No. Now, if they were not keeping their vows and only doing videos to defraud people, that is another thing.

  2. Brother is Opus Dei still an order founded God?

    I heard Pope John Paul II praised it. I recently heard news from their priests that their superior “in humility” submitted to the anti-pope.

    I cannot find materials what happened to Opus Dei, but I did find scandals of St. Escrick.

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