VATICAN: The Orientation of the Arch-heretic Usurper is quite evident

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11 thoughts on “VATICAN: The Orientation of the Arch-heretic Usurper is quite evident”

  1. [from the 1962 Roman Missal]
    LUST…….the 3rd of the Seven Deadly Sins.
    THE SIN OF SODOM…….the 2nd of the Four Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance.

    The souls of these heretical/homosexual clerics will be damned for all eternity unless they solemnly repent, make a firm purpose of amendment, and obtain absolution from the filthiness of their present lives.

    By permitting multitudes of others to partake of such grievous mortal sins they have damned themselves. They appear to have been possessed by demons…….

    1. I recall reading [probably from an article by an exorcist…?] that the Sin of Sodom is so horribly repulsive that even the demons cannot bear to look at it…….

      And now we have the Vatican cabal and some/many prelates within Bishops’ Conferences accepting and promoting the whole LGBTQ+ ‘lifestyle’!!

      Which, I think, can be traced back to the deliberate infiltration of Holy Mother Church’s priestly seminaries by homosexuals between WW1 and WW2…….as well as freemasons, marxists and protestants.

      All those “chickens have come home to roost”…….and then some!!

  2. Note the worldly, feelings, sensual words he uses…sounds like a teenager in love. Whereas mature love is in the will irregardless of how someone feels.

  3. Did I miss something important in my studies of Catholic doctrine & catechism? It was my understanding active practitioners of sin (mortal or venal) could NOT be saved (Protestants shared that belief, until recent decades too). Only by repenting their sins (not just words, but a 180° about-face and walking away permanently, from the behaviors, & thoughts that prompt them), could they be redeemed by the blood of Jesus. I know many Protestants have turned from that too, & I believe they are just as wrong. I have found nowhere in any Bible I have read, including Catholic Bibles, where Yhwh God has changed His mind about the sin nature of such thoughts and behaviors. I did find where Jesus says if we think it, it’s the same as if we have done it, in terms of its sin value. Neither have I found where any number of recited formulaic prayes will “forgive” or erase the sins. Rather, the Lord’s Prayer (Our Father) was meant to be a model or outline for HOW to pray, more than just a formulaic prayer, or so Jesus declared.
    The bottom line is I see no place for actively practicing sinners (regardless which sin), within the body of Christ (Church), at all. Only repentant sinners have a place there. By allowing active sinners into the Body, we contaminate the Body, a grave offense, to our Lord, I should think; we make the sinners comfortable in their sins, allowing them to believe they have no need to repent, and we spread the contamination of their sins within the Body, much as an infecting germ spreads in our physical bodies, often leading others into sin from which, if I understand Paul correctly, there is no coming back. As a trained Pharisee, he, of all the apostles, had the best understanding of the Hebrew scriptures, from which Jesus, Himself, taught, and since we follow the Same God the Father, and Holy Spirit (the Hebrews failed to recognize God the Son, yet, which allowed we Gentiles the opportunity to become redeemed too), it follows that His message has not changed, making it needful for us to understand the whole message, (not just the NT, which is rather like a codicil to the original testament, not a complete change), and in that original, there are many places we are told sinners may not be brought in before they repent, which Paul reiterated, including how to deal with backsliders, and those who refuse to repent, or who return to living in their old sin pattern. We, in today’s churches, have largely become sin enablers, not the “salt and light” to shows in for what it is, then clean it out. Can any tell me HOW that can please a righteous God? I can’t see it, but I know His righteousness must be satisfied as well as His mercy. Enablers exercise mercy, totally without righteousness. Just my thoughts and understanding of sin handling…

    1. There are sins which kill the life of God in a soul and sins which do not. And among the former, there are sins which put one outside the Mystical Body of Christ, which is His Church on Earth, in purgatory and in Heaven. Among these latter are the sins of heresy, which destroy faith and make repentance impossible when one refuses correction, and the sins of schism which deprive sanctifying grace and harden the heart. So there are many who kill the life of grace in their souls for other things such as impurity, but do not lose faith or hope, just charity, and these remain in the Church.

  4. 😩beating my breast and putting on sack cloth and ashes spiritually for the sins and blasphemies committed against Our Divine Savior by the clergy! LAMENTATIONS!!! 😩Lord have Mercy!

  5. They have their reward, but hell yawns before them. It is a stunning consideration to face God after insulting Him, laying waste to the Gospel, turning the faith upside down as a priest, bishop, cardinal or pope. To encourage depravity and sin, to call evil good, to leave people in their sin, to abuse the flock. It is a frank horror to consider.

  6. O Jesus, this is for love of Thee, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for offences committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    —St. Jacinta Marto of Fátima

    It will take The Woman, Mary, and her Seed, The Man, Jesus the Christ, and many women and men of Good Will to crush the head of the Serpent, the head of the Devil, the Demon, the Demoncrat.

    We are in the last decade of the 100yrs given the Church to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our Lords msgs to (St.) Lúçia dos Santos in Spain at Tuy, 1929 and Rianjo, 1931.
    The French were asked similarly for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but ‘they’ preferred the Reign of (T)error, horror, demoncracy, on Earth as it is in Hell.

    Our Lady’s telling Lúçia that she would be going to Heaven is good enough for us to ask the 3 saints of Fátima: Francisco, Jacinta, Lúçia, to pray for us, to pray with us, to help us to pray with them, like them, as they do, as God would have us do.
    The msg of Akita, Japan, transliterated to Aqui’tá (Here it is) in Portuguese, is enough to remind us that what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki was an example of what The Miracle of the Sun was a preview, if we do not hear and heed Heaven’s pleas and appeals.

    We Are Warned, free online PDF. The Chastisement will eliminate 3/4 of Humanity. All of the Wicked and some of the Good Will. Also, Lord of the Rings: Apocalyptic Prophecies, E. A. Bucchanieri

    We are in the 1st phases of the Chastisement. Plague, Famine, War, and Fire from Heaven – Man Made and from Acts of God, from the heavens and the Earth.

    It is never too late to turn to Jesus and Mary.

    Pope Leo XIII was given a private ‘audience’ by Our Lord Jesus Christ of the private audience Satan had with Our Lord wherein Satan challenged The Lord that he could destroy His Church given the power and time. The Lord gave him and us 100yrs. Little did Leo know that Cdl. Rampolla, his Secretary of State, was a Mason. Little do we know how many demoncrats are fallen Virtues. By their works…

    Chastisement: demoncracy, genocide, holocaust3, plague, famine, war, wmd:biological, chemical, nuclear, spiritual, psychological, physical.

    The USSR of A fought WW1 to make the World safe for Demoncracy. WW2 to make it effective. WW3 to make demoncracy as real on Earth as it is in Hell.

    The Gates of Hell shall not prevail. But after the 3 days of Darkness, 3/4 of Humanity, all of the wicked and some of the Good Will, will have perished.

    It is never too late to turn to Jesus and Mary and Joseph. The Holy Family. The Church has been asked for a Feast Day for God the Father and another for the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph.

    The 4th, 8th, 13th and 14th Stations of the Cross.
    Jesus met His Mother, He counseled and consoled the good women and men of Jerusalem, He was taken down from the Cross and placed in the arms of His Mother, He was placed in the Tomb, in the Womb, in the Wound of Mother Earth, He descended into the Bowels of Hell, and there: He conquered Satan, He conquered Hell, He conquered Sin, He conquered Death, He conquered all Flesh, and Rose.

    It will take The Woman, Mary, and her Seed, the Man, Jesus, and many good women and men, like Jesus, Children of God and of Mary, to crush the head of the Demoncrat, of Demoncracy.

    Christ or the Demoncrat.
    Christendom or Demoncracy.
    Truth, the whole Truth, and Freedom or Demoncracy, Lies, lies, and damned lies, error and terror.

    Live Not By Lies, Aleksandr Sholzenitsyn

    Error has no rights.

    Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth – Demoncracy damned and banned as in Heaven – Peace to men of Good Will.

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