6 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo’s Call to Catholic Patriots round the World”

  1. Brother Alexis,
    If others will come forward publicly here and state their intentions to travel to Rome to defend the Holy Father, I will find a way to get there. I am a woman, not trained in tactical methods. However, I pray the Rosary daily for Pope Benedict’s restoration to his ministry. The scamdemic has left me unemployed for two years as a performing artist (cellist). As an unvaccinated, I am seriously impaired from working in my field, as the large groups still do not allow the us to play. That may be starting to change and I received a religious exemption for one concert this year.
    I sent a letter to the Russian embassy to the Vatican a few days ago explaining that they need to explore every diplomatic avenue to get Pope Benedict over to Russian territory that he may make the Consecration of Russia together with Cardinal Burke and others faithful to him. By the way, I wrote to Cardinal Burke in September asking him to declare a State of Emergency and to investigate the Conclave of 2013 and stated that Pope Benedict is still Pope because he never resigned. His Eminence wrote me back saying, “Let us continue praying for the Holy Father” which is a very clear, though veiled affirmation that he knows Pope Benedict is still Pope and he confirmed this in writing. I can send you a copy of the letter.

    I’m tired of all this hand-wringing. We must act. Ideally, it would be men, though. Where are all the men? Where are the Swiss guards? Why is everyone so deceived?


  2. “Catholic Patriotism” as a coined word is very apropos to save Holy Mother Church before false-Pope Francis delivers the final blow to her heart! So kudos, Bro. Bugnolo, for proposing this concept of “Catholic Patriotism” because it’s time to form and rouse “Catholic Patriots” who will fight against false-Pope Francis who is the worst destroyer of the Barque of St. Peter!

    There are thousands of Catholics who go to Rome every week and they attend false-Pope Francis audience at Paul VI’s Hall. Instead of taking photos, they should be rousing and protesting and holding placards against the heresies he is preaching to them. Sadly, Catholics today are obtuse blindfolded sheeple (sheep + people) because they are being brainwashed by Catholic pundits who are well paid controlled-oppositions and who speak only of half-truths such as the CIC http://stumblingblock.org/?p=20030#comment-46885

    The fact that Catholics do not donate to From Rome.info is proof that they prefer the pseudo comedy of controlled-opposition Michael Matt of The Remnant and the Hollywood props of deceptive mainstream media TV nightly news.

    So a second kudos to you, Bro. Bugnolo for always researching and delivering the truth to us in plain good Catholic journalism in FromRome.info!

    God bless you…and AJ!

  3. Many thanks, Brother Alexis, for your heartfelt appeal.

    I am a pensioner in the UK [near London] being constantly challenged with the severe increases in the cost of living especially since the start of the ‘scamdemic’ and, therefore, unable to provide you with a significant lump sum or consider travelling to Rome to assist your most worthy project.
    The best I can offer is a small regular donation from the beginning of Advent 2022.

    I will, however, add your requirements to my daily prayers & Holy Rosary intentions.

    THANKYOU so much for everything you do, also in conjunction with AJ, to constantly bring truth and light to us in these times of lies & darkness.

    1. Thank you, for both gifts, especially the prayers. If everyone who cannot give or come to Rome prayed, the army would grow much faster! As that would get the Guardian Angels the help they need to get souls moving.

  4. To be strategic, how about starting with neighbors — France is the “elder daughter of the Church”, is filled with Catholics who would probably want to support, and can be in Rome in no time and at low cost. I recommend to contact the organization CIVITAS (https://www.civitas-institut.com/)

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