Globalists are pushing Girls into sports to promote Sterility and Fornication

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3 thoughts on “Globalists are pushing Girls into sports to promote Sterility and Fornication”

  1. If they want girls to keep participating sports, they have to get the boys OUT of girls’ sports, or girls will quit wasting their time & energy there. The PTB’s choice: they won’t get both.

  2. Must be some tremendous push to make anything and everything good into filth. Competitive Sports for women promote neither sterility nor infertility. Wow, can’t believe the bunk people are raising…All, to remove ALL KINDS OF POSITIVE IDENTITY, HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. There is no reason to continue on with tolerance of evil now ruling more and more of the world. Evil must be confronted, fought and killed…THAT’S IT. END OF STORY. Allowing it to continue promotes growth and more ground taken.

  3. Just heard that in Spain there will be coed teams of rythmic gymnastics and synchronised swimming….. not sure there will be many boys joining that.

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