Pope Benedict XVI continues to wear the Ring of the Fisherman

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12 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI continues to wear the Ring of the Fisherman”

  1. I sent this to a priest friend of mine who believes the Pope Francis is legitimate, and he says that all Bishops wear a ring, and that this is not a sign that PBXVI is still wearing the same ring that he wore prior to his renunciation of the ministry. Besides I know there are plenty of articles online saying that the fishermans ring was destroyed.

    Is he right?

    1. No, the ring was never destroyed. And the Ring of the Fisherman is not a Bishop’s Ring. It is the sign of ruling power of the Vicar of Christ, the Successor of St. Peter.

      1. Ok, but is there proof of this? For example, pictures of the ring he wore before 2013 compared to now.

      2. Pope Benedict never gave the Fisherman’s ring.

        I guess that is the reason we a are given the photos of Pope Benedict XVI.

        No matter how many assaults and confinement he suffered.

  2. Don’t Bishops traditionally wear an amethyst (a semi-precious stone; which is not typically expensive ) ?

  3. Why would Pope Benedict XVI lie by wearing a ring that is not the real one? He is the true Pope. That is the true Pope wearing the ring that is a sign of his office.

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