The CIA Plan for the Destruction of the Church, June 29, 1953 A. D.

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The level of malignancy and evil revealed in the following CIA document is beyond anything imaginable: a plan for Ideological Warfare against the Catholic Church with the aim of seizing the Papacy itself, placing thereon an agent to achieve the world-wide goals of the plan, which are the supremacy of Americanism.

This document was published in its final form on July 29, 1953, exactly 60 days before the Image of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, at Syracuse, Sicily, would burst into a flood of tears, and cause a shrine to be built in that city, which would become one of the great destinations of Marian pilgrimage in the Catholic world.

Can anyone now doubt the deep reason for such a divine prodigy?

This CIA document was scheduled to be declassified on April 28, 2005, just days after the Conclave which should have elected Bergoglio, but failed to do so, had concluded.

But George Bush, Jr., the US President and Skull and Bones Man, chose to delay that publication. It was declassified instead on Dec. 29, 2013 A. D.., exactly 60 years and 6 months from the date of the publication of its final version.

For anyone who can think, those dates should make you realize something: this document was kept secret during the entire Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. And it was scheduled to be released only on two occasions, both when Bergoglio was to be in power!

Can one seek a clearer sign that the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio was the ultimate objective of this 60 year long plot to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ?

If you have any doubt, consider these points: this document was composed by the Psychological Bureau Services (aka National Psychological Strategy Board= of the OSS, US Military Intelligence, already by that time incorporated into the CIA, along with the entire Nazi spy network of Western Europe. Indeed, the document reeks of Hegelianism and an approach to disinformation, misinformation and propaganda in which the National Socialist Party and her adepts were known experts.

The Bureau involved such persons as Edward P. Lilly, whose role is detailed in his Wikipedia article, and Captain Gordon Grey, Secretary of the Army (1949-50), first director (from 1950-52) of the NPSB and member of the masonic Order of the GimGhool.

It was signed and approved by Allen Dulles, head of the CIA, member of the Order of Malta and the Skull and Bones Lodge. The very man, whose nephew was rewarded with a Cardinal’s hat by John Paul II!

Is it any wonder then, that the Mafia of St. Gallen, which met in a city where the Nazi’s where highly respected, and included Bishops whose episcopal lines embraced the very Catholic Bishops who collaborated most closely with Nazi Germany, should be the ones to seize the Vatican with the assistance of the Reich-bank Deutsche Bank in March of 2013 A. D.?

In this document, the ultimate purpose was hidden from government workers, by the use of a simple code, that is, wherever one reads, “Communist”, one was to understand “Catholic Church”, whenever and wherever necessary.  This was proposed by Henry Booth Luce, founder of Time and Life Magazines. (cf. “John Courtney Murry, Time/Life and the American Proposition: How the CIA’s Doctrinal Warfare Program Changed the Catholic Church”, by Dr. David Wemhoff, 2022: Vol, Chapter 3 & chapter 33)

Here is the very document, the execution of which is THE explanation for Vatican II, the putsch to remove Benedict, the election of Bergoglio and perhaps the elections of John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II.

Any Catholic media outlet which will NOT discuss this document, should be considered a bought-and-paid CIA front.

UPDATE: OMC Radio TV did a follow up on the man behind this document here.

The author of the above mentioned book, Attorney Wemhoff, has honored FromRome.Info with a mention in his recent post:


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29 thoughts on “The CIA Plan for the Destruction of the Church, June 29, 1953 A. D.”

  1. Brother Bugnolo can you perhaps summarise the main points of the document, with page or paragraph references? It is hard to navigate the document on a cellphone.

    1. AJ and I will do a few progams about this in the coming weeks: basically it is a plan to infiltrate and take down the Church via inserting doctrinal deviations, alterations, internal schisms, and putting persons in power who will promote these things and institutional break down.

      If you have difficulty on a cellphone email it to a PC. This is a must read for everyone in the Catholic Church, especially in Europe.

      1. Br. Alexis,
        When you do the reviews with A.J. can you do a deep dive into what basis you sub the word communism with the Catholic Church?

  2. Brother, indeed you are right. If you juxtapose the terms “Communist” with Catholic Church and “Communism” with “Catholic Church Teachings” it seems the document is actually a plan of injecting the real Communists inside the Holy Mother Church.

  3. T. Harv Ecker, “Babylon”, Fr Silva, John Murray, and almost all digital books available on Google Books all fall under the category that is intent on destroying what The Catholic Church has established.

  4. WOW!! This really “joins up all the dots”.

    Thankyou so much, Brother Alexis, for publicizing this evil document and for enlightening us with your detailed comments.
    I have not yet had the time to read it all the way through, but I have seen & read enough to know that my grave suspicions over the past few years about the entirety of Vatican II were justified!

    I will certainly share this revelatory information, with local friends in Christ, and on Facebook.
    I can already predict some of the reactions…….!!

    Pax tecum.

    1. And its commonly held to be the Feast of the Martyrdom of St. Peter and Paul, and thus in a Masonic document signifies that it is for the destruction of the Church of Rome.

      1. Indeed, that Feast becomes remarkably significant when one considers the following timeline:-
        June 29 1953 – CIA’s Doctrinal Warfare document;
        June 29 1963 – “Black Mass” in the Vatican’s Pauline Chapel, eight days after the election of Pope Paul VI;
        June 29 1972 – Pope Paul VI laments in public that “…the smoke of satan has entered the Temple of GOD!”

        I can provide links for those 1963 & 1972 dates if required.

        Pax vobiscum.

      2. Here are the links for:-
        29 June 1963 –
        29 June 1972 –

        And, on a much more spiritually positive note:-
        29 June 2009 – Imprimatur for the 1962 Roman Missal, Baronius Press edition, by the Most Reverend Fabian W. Bruskewitz, DD, STD, Bishop of Lincoln [which follows Benedict XVI’s ‘Summorum Pontificum’ dd 07.07.2007 which came into force from September 14th that year, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross].

        Pax vobiscum.

  5. While attending college, I was recruited by the CIA . I was also discerning the priesthood simultaneously. The offer from the Agency was to hire me for covert ops. Then, the they delivered the whopper…. They would pay for my undergraduate degree and then have me working as a covert Catholic military chaplain. I turned down the offer. I am sharing this because faithful Catholics need to know how our corrupt intelligence agencies conduct themselves. Freemasonry is real. I know because I was approached three times in my life about joining. I refused. To my brothers and sisters in the one true Faith, resist and always decline any offers from these evil organizations.

    1. What was it about you that seemed to attract the interest of the CIA?

      I also was approached, and turned them down; not because I was unwilling to (with naive idealism) “be of service to my country,” — but because I had been reading John le Carrerè novels and concluded that to be a good spy I would have to suspend my Catholic principles and aid superiors whose morals I could not trust.
      At the time, I was working abroad. My (scientific) work gave me a good “cover” for snooping and photographing in places which would have been of interest to the US military in the event of overt or covert hostilities. Was this the case with you

  6. Here in Brazil, the late Olavo de Carvalho was a great influencer of Americanism to Brazilians, both Catholics and politicians. A question to my patriots: was Olavo an agent?

  7. I skimmed the document. It is certainly about trying to influence against communism and the Soviets. I can’t find the place where it mentions trying to seize the papacy. .

    Also it seem to me that JPII and Benedict were more Americanist than the other bishop in white.

    1. Well fist the entire document was never published, there is a blacked out section. But the word heresy is mentioned. Now heresy is considered destructive in only one institution. Guess which one…

  8. It is interesting to note the movie Roman Holiday which premiered in 1953 projects a new pope much like John XXIII. I have read some where , that the hair dresser in the movie was the lover of Montini .

    A discussion of the movie may be found at.

    “ In 1999, Roman Holiday was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

    This fits your timeline .

  9. On March 22, 1997, in an interview by
    John Loeffler with Fr. Dr. Malachi Martin
    (former Jesuit and close associate with Pope
    John XXIII) the following was discussed.
    Early March, 1997, Most Reverend Immanuel Melingo, formerly Archbishop of Lusaka, Zambia, who now working in the Vatican as
    a special delegate to the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of immigrants and itinerants, made an announcement at the Fatima
    Conference last fall in Rome (1996) to the effect that there is formal satanic activity going on in the Vatican; not the whole Vatican, but a
    cadre of hierarchy dedicated to satanic worship formalized. There was a dedication ceremony to lucifer by Cardinals and other ranking dignitaries that took place in the Vatican on June 29, 1963 (Saturday).
    They conducted a ceremony called “the enthronement of the fallen angel lucifer” effected within the Roman Catholic Citadel.
    Fr. Malachi Martin affirms that this really did happen.

  10. Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger and his brother Georg entered Saint Michael Seminary in Traunstein, Bavaria, Germany in November 1945, later studying at the Ducal Georgianum (Herzogliches Georgianum) of the
    Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. They were both ordained in Freising on a Friday,
    June 29, 1951
    during the month of the Sacred Heart, the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul and Feast of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, by Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber of Munich.
    Joseph Ratzinger recalled: “at the moment the elderly Archbishop laid his hands on me, a little bird – perhaps a lark – flew up from the altar in
    the high cathedral and trilled a little joyful song.” Fr. Joseph’s first holy Mass was said in Latin on July 8, 1951 in his family parish of St. Oswald.

  11. Thank you Brother Bugnolo for this interesting article as it ties together everything that has happened in the church since 1960.

    It is obvious except to the blind that Bergoglio is a globalist agent who has been placed in the Vatican to destroy any true opposition to the Great reset and totally subvert True catholic doctrine.

    It is no surprise that the CIA was behind this plan. This is an organization that is closely linked to freemasonry ,the occult and satanism, and has caused massive bloodshed around the world. It must be destroyed and I pray that the wrath of God falls upon it.

  12. Brother Bugnolo, I’ve been looking everywhere for the (I believe) recent 2023 article/video where you mentioned (possibly with AJ) that it wasn’t the “Holy Spirit” who whispered in the ear of John 23 to convoke Vatican II, but rather money that he was offered. Can you please direct me to that article/video. thank you so much!

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