The Globalists have perfected the Gas Chamber they used at Auschwitz

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12 thoughts on “The Globalists have perfected the Gas Chamber they used at Auschwitz”

    1. Notice how it is made to look like you are going on a ride, and has glass so that your heartless friends and relatives can watch you expire. ….

      1. With ‘friends’ like that you sure don’t need enemies! What world am I living in??? Come Lord Jesus Come!

    2. As an added bonus to not feeling claustrophobic, your heartless friends and relatives will see you die.

  1. The Bible tells us “eye has not seen nor ear heard” the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.

    Apparently the devil is making sure that we all see and hear everything he prepares for those he hates ( which is everyone, including his loyal minions).

  2. The glass was what I 1st noticed. Why would any want to watch that horror show??? Nearly 50 yrs ago, in rescuing a crashed crop duster, I got heavily exposed to parathion, a pesticide of the organophosphate class, rather similar to Zyklon-B. I can promise you that is NOT how you want to die. For those who doubt me, watch some of the Nazi documentation of the death camps; the people coming out of those chambers are not contorted and tangled together as they are for no reason. The muscle spasms are horrible, and the nausea, vomiting, loss of bowel control, excessive salivation, lacrimation, and urination are as well. I was in an open bean field, not a sealed chamber, but to this day, I still deal with the residual muscle spasms, especially in cooler weather.
    It interferes with the neuromuscular signals, by inhibiting production of cholinesterase, so a muscle bunch will relax after contracting. (Parathion was banned for use in the US shortly after that incident.)

  3. I’ve been a fan of yours for a while but it’s a pity you jump on the Nazi label bandwagon on occasion. Do you do this to give yourself a bit of credibility amongst the Left or so you can’t be a victim of Godwin’s law? You surely know there were no HOMICIDAL gas chambers used in 2nd WW. And what are you saying by that headline? that Hitler was a Globalist!!!!

    1. Hitler was a globalist, because the same people we call globalists today, are the same institutions and families which funded Hitler and gave him ordered. AS for those killed in the second world war, there is sufficient information to show that some persons were gassed to death, but my emphasis here, “they used” is conveying a different idea, about who was responsible, because people were killed at Auchwitz and it was the same perpetrators.

    2. Sir, Hitler was a “globalist” in the manner that Ghenghis Khan was a “globalist”, but then all globalists are cut from that mold! Maybe you should’ve watched some ofthe Nazis own doccumenting of WW II, BEFORE you made such a baseless and inane comment! There were indeed, homicide camps, including gas chambers, in which the highly toxic organophosphate pesticide Zyklon-B was used. In at least 1 of their documentaries, Himmler was filmed observing “how well” it worked, via a view port in the chamber hatch. There are so videos of our, and British troops “liberating” camps, finding partially burned corpses, mass graves of them Nazis used to hide their dirty work, etc. The LIE is to claim it didn’t happen.

      1. Please give me a link to this film of Himler observing a “gassing” through a chamber hatch!!! For the record ZyklonB was a fumigant used to kill lice in clothing which was the main biological vector for Typhus (the main cause of death in the camps) So in fact ZyklonB was used to save prisoners, the complete opposite of Hollywood propaganda. It’s been shown that the logistics of using HCN for mass murder are far more difficult than is commonly understood: it would be deadly to those removing the bodies as it “sticks” to clothing, it’s flammable and it’s difficult to distribute in a cold climate (like a Polish winter).

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