After the Scamdemic, comes the ScamBurger

Where’s the Beef? — Ronald Regan

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13 thoughts on “After the Scamdemic, comes the ScamBurger”

  1. I’ve been vegetarian since 1965 at age 14. A year or so ago, someone gave me a package of “Beyond Beef” and I tried it.

    After one bite, I immediately vomited in my kitchen trash can! And I’ve always had a strong stomach. Black bean burgers and soy burgers never made me vomit. Real meat never made me vomit back when I ate it.

    Something is really wrong with this new “fake meat” garbage.

    1. How does one keep from dying from protein or mineral deficiency, going vegetarian for so long? Any links. I ask because in monastic rules, in medieval times, there were strict meatless seasons and we have lost the recipes we need to keep that observance.

      1. In truth, there is not; there are certain essential amino acids you cannot assimilate, or not in nearly sufficient quantities, from plant sources ( Nutrition for Nurses course; also Genesis, when God told Noah to “kill and eat meat”).

      2. Oh, my, there are many non-meat options for protein! Plenty of vegetarian online recipes & cookbooks are out there. A longtime favorite of mine is “Twelve Months of Monastery Soups” by Brother Victor-Antoine d’Avila-Latourette. Simple and really delicious recipes.

        This link has good info:
        13 Nearly Complete Protein Sources for Vegetarians and Vegans

        Nuts and legumes are a good source of protein. Pea protein is good. And some grains like quinoa. Of course, eggs and various dairy products like cheese, which vegans don’t eat but vegetarians do. I do my best to obtain products sourced from a humane farm. It costs more, but is worth it. God attends the funeral of every sparrow, and I feel sure it matters to Him that we treat His creatures humanely. He saw them all as good in the beginning, and they have never changed (unlike us wayward humans).

        When I was 14, I met two pigs on a small farm who liked their ears scratched just like my dog did, and I decided right then not to eat meat again. (I already didn’t eat beef or fish much). I had never even spoken to a vegetarian; it was like God put it in my heart. It’s not for everyone, I know. My mother was concerned at the time & asked my doctor, “What should I feed her?” He was a wise old country doctor & said “Don’t worry, just feed her more lima beans.” Why lima beans, I’ll never know, haha. But she dutifully did.

        But I’m 71 years old now, and truth is, I never really worried much about protein intake. I thank God for good health… I still mow my lawn and do some heavy yard work, exercise, work a part-time job and feel very blessed. It certainly hasn’t hurt me not to eat flesh foods at all. God provides everything we need. Bon appétit!

    2. What you ate is human meat, which is instinctually repulsive to a human.

      Good thing you spit it out. You might get brain holes disease if you continue eating that ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease from cannibalism ).

    3. Pesticides will have that effect on you. You may also be hypersensative to GE foods. Either way, your body was telling you it’s NOT healthy.

    4. I for one can tell from the smell what that is: solignum.

      A hardener put to hold together plants, and at the same time kill humans inside.

      The termite and ant killer now used to kill humans. Remember that termites and ants are sturdy creatures that do not die except to the strongest of poisons.

  2. GE is usually soylent green, so NO.

    No thank you, I don’t eat human babies. Matrix was made by globalists so the dots connect.

  3. “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes forth from the Mouth of God.” Jesus rebuked Satan.

    Gospel of Matthew does teach us how to fight these Satanists.

  4. @Julie Montaglioti: Which part of “essential amino acids cannot be absorbed from plant sources, in SUFFICIENT QUANTITES” did you not understand? And have you not yet grasped that ALL gov’t and UN agencies dealing with our health, including our diets, have been LYING to us for decades? There was a reason that after the flood, Yhwh God instructed previously vegetarian Noah to “kill and eat” the flesh of animals. It took awhile, apparently, for sin to sufficiently alter our bodies’ functions that we were from then forward unable to gain those essential amino acids from plant sources. Yes, there are plenty of plant sources for protein, but they are INADEQUATE for optimal nutritional health! They either do not provide, or do not reach the needed quantities of bioavailable essential amino acids. Between what Yhwh God said, & what nutritional science taught before the heavy “diddling” with our foods began, which are in agreement, I trust that over today’s “bought science” & GMO foods,.



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