Happy Birthday Charles Wettin!

In this program, Br. Bugnolo talks with a blood descendant of William the conqueror about the new “king” of England.

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20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Charles Wettin!”

  1. Is theirs a legitimate line since they are German? And if not , why is this not widely known. Also, with Spencer blood in Diana, doW ,H, and their children have now the blood royal ?

    1. Mary, many Catholics would argue that the “Windsors” are not really the legitimate monarchs since the real line should be the Stuarts descended from the son of James II. OTOH monarchies can be pretty messy.

  2. Very interesting, Brother. Although I suspect that all the native English speakers are descended from the conqueror.

    1. I strongly doubt it, as the geneological evidence says otherwise. Of course, if you mean by historcally unknown bastards, that might be, but I doubt it, because Catholics before the Reformation observed Matrimony.

      1. It’s just that I am no one special but we have a family tree showing clearly that we go back to the Conqueror via his royal descendants and therefore not by illegitimate children. It’s about 34 generations back from me and that puts the number of my ancestors into the billions although that’s not possible because of the population of the earth at that time. I suppose it means that my ancestors 34 generations ago are therefore my ancestors via a number of different paths.

      2. In my own case we are descended via Antigone Plantagenet who apparently was Humphrey’s illegitimate child but who was made legitimate at the time by certain documents.

      3. AJ too is descendant from a son of King John, brother of Richard the Lionheart, via a son who was legitimized after birth.

      4. You’re very kind, Brother! I am certainly AJ’s cousin. But as I say, I’m no one special. Just the Lord’s unprofitable servant 🙂

      5. I’m sure AJ knows this, but we are also descended from St Margaret of Scotland, wife of King Malcolm III. Theirs was a happy and holy marriage too. Henry I was married to their daughter, Matilda.

  3. As far as I am aware, the Cambridge B.A takes 3 years, and the standard and rigour of the degree in universities like Oxford and Cambridge is equivalent to a 4 year degree elsewhere. In Charles’s youth, the education standard and preparation of entrants was very high also.
    Regarding A.J.’s lineage, it is mysterious how bloodlines weave their way through history, to arrive at a new point of destiny.
    Of interest, it is recounted that in 1936 Padre Pio interrupted a conversation to ask the men he was with to kneel down with him and pray for a soul who would soon appear before the judgement seat of God. After they had prayed together, Padre Pio told them they were praying for George V. https://padrepiodevotions.org/pdf/july-september2011.pdf

  4. As a 2012 convert from the Church of England, I was very glad & relieved to say that I no longer had any allegiance to our heretical/schismatic/LGBTQ+ ‘state’ religion.

    Neither do I have any allegiance to our Monarch.
    Whilst I respected Queen Elizabeth II for her seven decades of dedicated service to our Nation & Commonwealth,
    I simply cannot tolerate King Charles III for many valid reasons most of which you have outlined in another excellent OMC Radio TV programme.

    And I am delighted to note your amusement at some of his many idiosyncracies!
    “This guy makes Hitler look like a saint” had me laughing out loud…….as did your comment in a recent programme on the British monarchy: “This is a five-centuries-long criminal operation; nothing legitimate about it!”

    I applaud AJ’s closing remarks: “…YOU have stolen the crown for long enough…….this is OUR throne, OUR land, you usurpers have done enough damage to the British people, may WE soon return as William the Conqueror did!”

    Pax vobiscum.

    1. You have respect for a usurper Elizabeth the pedo who was a member of the ninth circle satanic cult who her and the husband Philip were involved in? The two are responsible for the disappearance of ten children in 1964 at Kamloops in Canada! They sacrificed 8 of the children and the other 2 were brought to the roman built Carnarvon castle were prince Charles raped and tortured them! The International court of common law has sworn statements from witnesses.

      1. Thankyou for that ‘interesting’ information which I was not aware of! It makes me wonder how many more ‘skeletons in the closet’ within our so-called “Royal Family” have yet to be revealed…….?

        Pax tecum.

    2. Yes…I laughed out loud, as well! I enjoyed seeing Br. Bugnolo laughing so heartily and AJ was like an unwitting straight man!

      Very enjoyable broadcast. (And oh…the content was good too)

  5. If one researches history in sufficient detail, which I have done, it becomes clear that non-British lineages have ruled England since about 500-700 AD. They are not from the Islands, but usurpers from the European mainland, mostly from areas today part of Germany. King George during the American Revolutionary War and those before and after him (like queen Liz’s lineage) were/are German stock psychopaths creating havoc in the world via various foreign country oppression schemes, but also a domestic one of keeping people enslaved and toiling in a servant/surf mentality that keeps them “subjects” of the crown: a system so cleverly convincing that even the staff of the royal palace is happy to work for a pittance. What a God forlorn, wretched place.

    1. Well this is partly true, because even the Celts may have been invaders, and certainly, after the last Ice Age, the entire population of the British Isles came from the continent.

  6. Prince Andrew has also a Teddy Bear collection and I guess this is symbolic to these two entities.

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