Auturo Periodista misrepresents Br. Bugnolo’s position on Masses una cum

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A good friend just brought to my attention, that this image is being distributed on social media:





As regards the quote attributed to me, I have no knowledge I have ever written such words, so I cannot say if they selectively quote something I wrote in an article, comment or private email. But what I have said is clearly expounded here, in the article in which I REFUTED AUTURO PERIODISTA for his position. Thus to distribute such a meme is in my opinion dishonest:

But since so many Catholics, of good will, do not understand this obligation [to never attend a mass in communion with an antipope, schismatic or heretic], it can be that some attend such masses without mortal sin. Though many Catholics who are lax are already in mortal sin since they do not live according to the moral law, do not remain faithful to the teachings of Christ, or violate the laws of the Church on marriage.

But NOT to sin mortally, you would truly have to be ignorant of the canonical truth that Bergoglio is not the pope, and also ignorant of the theological truth that Bergoglio teaches heresy, and factually ignorant that Bergoglio has not committed schism by handing the Church in China over to Her persecutors, since it is contrary to right morals to claim to be in communion with either an antipope, heretic or schismatic.

From my discussion in said article, it is clear that I am speaking about the imputability of mortal sin for someone involved in a public act which is objectively gravely immoral. To understand this better, consider the objective act of visiting a house of prostitution. The act is objectively immoral. However, there are moral dispositions which could exculpate a person for being present: such as, a police officer who is obliged to interview a witness to a crime and who works there, or a worker of the Gas Dept. who must check on a reported gas-leak., or a totally naive person, who thinks that is some sort of massage parlor.

So I ask all my readers, that if anywhere they see such a quote attributed to me, to cite this article.

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9 thoughts on “Auturo Periodista misrepresents Br. Bugnolo’s position on Masses una cum”

  1. Hello,

    Where can I read the actual statement of Most Reverend Gracida’s interview? It is possible Arturo Periodista misquoted both.

    1. It is probably within his personal blog but you may have to spend some time searching as I have failed to find it after a few minutes of research. There are lots of good articles here from a traditional Catholic perspective:-

      Pax tecum.

  2. I do not care what any Bishop says at this point. They are all one with the homos, reds, modernists, and masons controlling everything everywhere. God has permitted this to make them manifest to all mankind.

    I do not go to Mass because where I live there is no way to find a church where the pachamama planter is not on or near the altar, all of them celebrate their mass ‘in union with our pope Fran-choo-choo’ and I am aware that if tomorrow they were to offer pizza and soda pop for communion most people would take it and even welcome the change.

    I am tired of the loud yapping in church, and the nonsensical ‘parts’ of the celebration that are constantly being introduced. Example: during Easter Saturday I used to spend time at church during the night and meditate. No more. There is someone with a guitar quacking a ‘song of meditation’ using the notes of a tune by Bob Dylan or Earth Wind and Fire.

    I am FED UP and I cannot drive 250 miles to a country church where people are still Catholic. I wish I could! So, I pray the Rosary at home and watch good Catholic videos and read Catholic books: PRECONCILIAR TRADITIONAL BOOKS and I have enough recordings of Vivaldi, Palestrina, and Gregorian Chant to last me a lifetime.

    Not a dime to support the creeps and their houses of vice. I had it. I am going into the wilderness. Bye!

    1. I empathise & agree with almost all your comments but, please, do not dismiss Bishop Gracida’s quotation as he is, so far, one of only a small handful of prelates who have declared in public that Benedict XVI is still Pope and that Cdl J-M Bergoglio is a heretical antipope.

      I have provided a link to Bp Gracida’s interesting blog in a previous comment on this thread.

      Pax tecum.

    2. The problem is that they would put the particles of nanotechnology in that host, which would effectively lead them to also being poisoned by the Vaxx.

      This is the punishment for partaking with the wicked. The wages of sin is death, as St Paul reminds to the Christians when he was alive, and now even from the letters.

    3. Try visiting a shrine of the Blessed Sacrament too, friend. Jesus very much awaits us there, even if for a moment. All the sacrifice of walking is worth it. Notice that the devil has put almost all the obstacles on what we need – Jesus’ Presence.

  3. If anyone wants to see that the source of the current crisis in our Church, which is ” the errors of Communism” predicted by Our Lady at Fatima
    ..then read Taylor Caldwells 1970s best seller on the subject…wherein she states that the American Civil war was plotted in London in the 1840s…one must dig a bit to find Marx, Engels, planning world communist warfare from London during that time in clusion with American yankee bankers..
    Lincoln began the war then couldn’t stop it. Thru Kuhn Loeb he hired Engels to end it..which he accomplished with terrible brutality..Jacob Schiff was the conduit. Source.Woman with a Sword copyright 1950.. These Jewish Yankee bankers still finance wars.

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