Bergoglio concedes that Benedict is still the Pope


We republish the words of Bergoglio, without comment, as their meaning is obvious:

UPDATE: Nov. 15, 2022 A. D..

Editor’s Note: Notice that Bergoglio begins by saying, “El Papa Benedicto…”, “El” in Spanish is the singular definite article, which means, “the only one”, or “the real one” etc..  This statement by Bergoglio was reflected in letters from the Secretary of State (Secretariate of State) in 2021, which called Pope Benedict XVI, the Supreme Pontiff, and in 2022, with the publication of the Annuario Pontificio, in which Bergoglio was identified by no claim to any title, such as Roman Pontiff or Vicar of Christ, or Successor of St. Peter.

But why would Bergoglio hold the reigns of power and yet say in public that another is the true pope? This has to do with the method of operation of the Illuminati, who reveal their plans to their victims or take off their masks during their rituals. It is to boast and test their power. To say that Benedict XVI is the pope is their way of saying, “We have such confidence that our system of psychological and political control over you is so firm, that we could say even the truth, and you would still obey and submit to us, in the name of that truth, even though by doing so you are in fact denying that truth!”

This is the spiritual sadism in which the fallen are perfect adepts.

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8 thoughts on “Bergoglio concedes that Benedict is still the Pope”

    1. Exactly, but there are many Catholics who are satanically obsessed with insisting to call him the title. Journalists and clergy and social media personalities… included.

        Bergoglio & the Jesuits have been condemned many times.
        Opus Dei is another cult in the Catholic church who got Pope John Paul elected and he in turn created Bergoglio a Cardinal and before that Pope John XXIII, was a secret Freemason. So long before Bergoglio came on the scene, there were parasites in the Catholic church.

  1. Remember what Humpty Dumpty said:
    A word is what I mean it to say.
    Catholics have one Pope and another Dope!
    It’s a scandal!

  2. When the Warning comes, 90% – 95% Catholics may experience the fire of Hell for the sin of Apostasy. If not for this many will die or are dying today ( vaxx ) as apostates.

    What a great Mercy Jesus gives us!

  3. The admission by Bergoglio that he is not the true Pope now makes perfect sense when you look back at the footage several years ago of officials lining up to kiss his ring, and in each case Bergoglio pulls his hand away.

    This is a sign we have a heretic in the Vatican, and the true Pope has been sidelined by the masons. The only way for the church to recover is to force the jesuit heretic Bergoglio out and totally destroy the jesuit movement who have undermined the Church for the last hundred years.

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