5 thoughts on “DeathVaxxes expected to cause horrible Hormonal Dysfunctions, says expert”

    1. In fact, HIV virus was part of the concoction in those jabs, along with immunosuppressants, various high potency venoms from snakes, snails, spiders, etc. Then there is the mRNA itself: RNA impacts DNA, that’s its purpose, regardless the claims of the left’s “bought and paid for science” (think sorcery or quackery here).
      The thing for Christians to remember is that messing with our DNA not only contributes to disease, but that Yhwh God has a “thing” about it, and that such intentional diddling with it has been part of Satan’s agenda since well before the days of Noah. Enoch, centuries before Noah, observed and discussed it. Do we dare risk eternal damnation for the sake of less hassling in the here and now? The alleged “benefits” of those jabs are exactly zero, so far as I can see, in terms of “health”. Or a better question might be: do you really want to die, so the likes of Clintons, Bushes, Schwabs, Gores, et al, can get richer?

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