Klaus Schwab explains the snare he is unfolding for all humanity’s enslavement

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5 thoughts on “Klaus Schwab explains the snare he is unfolding for all humanity’s enslavement”

  1. Besides the evil agenda Klaus, WEF, WHO and those people have, that guy also sounds like some kind of nazi overlord when he is speaking.
    God bless

  2. NONE of this is logical in any way…Allowing the fascists to rule? THIS could ALL BE DEALT WITH INSTANTLY with the elimination of the Families at the top of the Mob and this JOKE OF AN OLD GERMAN NAZI IS NOT THE TOP, CLEARLY. Wouldn’t be difficult. MAKES NO SENSE TO TOLERATE THIS horse manure from a gaggle of old Nazi women having few to no brains. Philanthropies with their accompanying NGO’S don’t stop ordinance and the Philanthropaths having all the ‘Cash Flow’ are human and DIE just as their prostitute politicians and ‘Heavy Minions’ enforcing everybody they wish to enslave.

    1. Nope, you want the “top dog”, he’s a good bit harder to pin down; he goes by SO many names, but the best known is Satan. He’s been around, scheming all this for millennia, ever since he ticked Yhwh God off.

  3. Kommandant Schwab and all his WEF masonic/marxist/demonic/perverted comrades expose themselves constantly in public as “emperors without any clothes”, as they manifest every one of the Seven Deadly Sins:-
    Sloth [in a spiritual sense…]

    They also partake of the Four Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance:-
    Wilful murder
    The sin of Sodom
    Oppression of the poor
    Defrauding labourers of their wages

    GOD will not be mocked!
    Their immortal souls will burn for eternity in hellfire…….
    Unless, by some miracle unbeknownst to us, they solemnly repent on their deathbeds!!
    One wonders just how deep is the ‘ocean’ of GOD’s mercy…….?

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