More than 90% of Catholics hold that Bergoglio will die a heretic

This puts the Catholic Hierarchy in communion with him, 90% out of touch with the sensus fidelium. — To die in positive deliberate error is the genus of heresy and merits damnation likewise.

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10 thoughts on “More than 90% of Catholics hold that Bergoglio will die a heretic”

  1. Life in prison for this usurper is good enough! He is a member of the 9 th satanic circle cult as all the so called nobility or monarchy are! To be chosen by the people as a king or queen means that they honour the voice of the people and this is impossible as they only want to reign and govern the unwitting peoples!

    1. It is written in the bible that if he is the Apocalypse’s false prophet, he will be in the sea of hell burning forever with the AntiChrist.

      What we need to watch out is worshipping Satan which he successfully deceived almost the entire clergy.

      1. The truth is most humans and nearly all Catholics are worshipping Satan. Even among those who say they are with Benedict have a very poor religiousity. It is limited to watching Youtube.

  2. For 1 steeped in the heresies of communism from early on, it seems highly uikely he will repent, at this late date, but with God, all thingsare possible, so we can’trule it out. However, to date, he shows only the intent to lead more away from Yhwh God, to the horrors of communism blended with Islam.

  3. A Twitter poll on a Catholic topic with a self-selected readership is not a trustworthy poll.

    In a statistically meaningful poll, the meaning of” heresy” and type of “Catholics” would have to be defined/ identified:
    People (e.g., Biden & Pelosi) who call themselves Catholic but don’t obey the magisterium; those who are fallen-away but “cultural” Cathoics; practicing Catholics who keep up with the news and follow Church politics on this, or similar blogs; “Traditional” Latin- Mass loving Catholics, Ordinariate Catholics, Byzantine-Rite Catholics?
    The wording of the poll questions would have to be carefully neutral.
    There would have to be wide random sampling in many venues.
    That would be a trustworthy poll.

    I think 2/3 of English-speaking Catholics are poorly catechised, and only the active and well-informed (maybe 5-7% ) even question that Francis may not be canonically elected; and the idea that he is a heretic doesn’t occur “because he’s the Pope”; & they agree with the media that he’s “ecumenical, and cares for the poor,” so he’s OK.

    1. Actually every poll is a trust worthy when sampling its population. But not every poll is conducted in a manner in which one can infer from the population polled something about the population not polled.

  4. Br. Bugnolo: “Even among those who say they are with Benedict have a very poor religiousity.”

    To live life in a state of “rich” religiosity is important to me. Can you describe what that looks like?

    1. Thinking that religion is something you do watching TV, rather than external actions at Church, sanctuaries, or the works of mercy for the needy.

    2. Corporal Works of Mercy
      Feed the Hungry
      Shelter the Homeless
      Visit the Sick and those in Prison
      Bury the Dead

      Spiritual Works of Mercy
      Be patient to those in error
      Pray for the living and the dead
      Instruct the uninformed

      Obligations of a Catholic ( Tenets )
      Go to confession at least once a year
      Go to Mass on Feast days and every Sunday ( of course, in communion with the True Pope )
      Receive Holy Communion on Easter Sunday ( when in a state of Grace, otherwise go to Confession first )
      I forgot the four others. I remember something about Scripture Reading.

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