OMC Radio TV: Russian Missile Attack on Poland, kills 2 — Facts, Events, Implications


Editor’s Note: Ukrainians like to mock Russians, who are sporting the Z as a victory sign. This is why this author writes “Russia” with 2 Z’s.

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9 thoughts on “OMC Radio TV: Russian Missile Attack on Poland, kills 2 — Facts, Events, Implications”

  1. In my opinion, the analysis should be cold, impartial and careful when pointing out the responsible was A or B. Photos, videos does not say anything yet, because there is a war of narratives. Ask the military what they confirmed. What’s more, the traditional print that 24-hour news is the same that alarmed everyone about that media horror of “Covid”. I know the prophecies about Russia against Europe. But I know it will depend on whether or not we will soon put a Third World War between us.

  2. Honest question, are you getting paid, directly or indirectly by the Ukraine government or affiliated entities regarding your messages, public statements and opinons on the war? If you don’t post this question and refuse to respond truthfully under pain of sin I’ll assume the answer is affirmative.

    1. No. Absolutely not. Neither I, nor AJ, nor our non profit receive any funding from any state entity, in Ukraine or outside of Ukraine. However, our volunteers do distribute some humanitarian supplies provided by other non profits free of charge and by non Ukrainian NGOs. They are currently distributing winter clothing and supplies donated by EU agencies.

    2. Matthew, when the war started I too was confused. I realized after watching several interviews with Ukrainian Catholoc priests, a documentary about Putin’s life, and reading Jeff Nyquist’s blog that Putin has created propaganda making him appear to be a Christian. The truth is the total opposite. He is a psychopath who is using this propaganda to neutralize the conservative right before both Russia and China make their definitive attack on the West.

      1. And I want to thank Brother Bugnolo for being so clear sighted at the beginning of the war about the morality of it all. It helped detox from Russian propaganda. God Bless you Brother!

    1. Thanks. AJ and I held to the one uncontroverted evidence, the fragments. Then the narrative analsysis suggested also that Nato was lying. Now this bit of evidence pretty much ends the controversy. Nato has egg on its face. Russia too.

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