Radio Rosa Mistica Colombia interviews Don Alessandro Minutella (Spanish)

This interview is more like an interrogation or a judicial deposition, as the questions seem to have been taken from sources which are opposed to Don Minutella.

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3 thoughts on “Radio Rosa Mistica Colombia interviews Don Alessandro Minutella (Spanish)”

  1. Very interesting interview. Was able to set the closed caption English translation which was about 90% accurate (in relation to the closed captions. ) Knowing Spanish the translation by the Argentinian translator was excellent close to 99% accurate. It helped that Don Minutella spoke at a pace that she could keep up with a very accurate translation back and forth between Italian and Spanish. The moderators questions were derived from accusations by persons opposed to Don Minutella’s apostolate and trying to destroy his credibility. Don Minutella’s answers were to the point. I could not determine when was the interview conducted, but it was after Bergolio’s trip to Canada per one of the comments by the moderator.

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