RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Internal Dissent spills over on live TV

Let us pray for Maxim Yusin, that he does not get suicided in the next year.

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2 thoughts on “RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Internal Dissent spills over on live TV”

  1. In all probability; his chances of survival following formal exposure of truth is better than at any time of the recent past. People do have access to alternative information when computer literate and word does get around. Many of Military age have left the country as they had no desire to fight and the War isn’t one having mass support of citizens. Having just recently been exposed to WESTERN FREEDOM and PROSPERITY in the last decades, ‘The People’ don’t seem so supportive of the old Marxism via the Globalists. As much as Putin tries to CONTROL, he is losing his grip and perhaps THIS can help save the whole global sense of FREEDOM for the whole world. It could serve to deaden the Chinese Nationalist Movement towards another World War if there’s little to no support of the Russian people after Putin leaves and with only the ‘Nut Job’ Jihadi Iranians and North Korea for support in a conventional war.

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