BRASIL: Bolsonaro’s Party asks that the Election be annulled as unverifiable

Editor’s Note: The censorship of the news out of Brazil is massive. It is only being reported by journals outside of Europe and North America. I have confirmed this news from two sources:

Only here in Italy, where the government of Giorgia Meloni favors Bolsonaro, does the State controlled TV report about this:

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9 thoughts on “BRASIL: Bolsonaro’s Party asks that the Election be annulled as unverifiable”

  1. Bolsonaro was the best leader in Brazil in my memory, but, like Trump here, Orban in Hungary, and a few others, he wasn’t “playing nice” with Schwab’s Satanic agenda; he was doingwhat was right for the peoples of Brazil, a very big “no-no” these days. I’m sure that election is no more verifiable than many of ours have been, in recent decades!

    1. I can’t fully support Bolsonaro because he was publically in favor of torture. So he may just be spoiled goods like Trump and Orban as AJ at Ordo Militaris has shown in a few videos.

  2. One can hope, and I certainly do hope for Brazil’s sake, but I hate to admit feeling quite pessimistic about “the people” mattering one whit in these times of globalist takeover in almost every country in the world.

    It feels increasingly like only God Himself stepping in will stop them. And of course, He will someday, but meantime… buckle your seatbelts.

  3. I do not see anyone, not even Bolsonaro calling attention to the statistical oddities that we saw the night of the second turn election. Those same oddities were evident in the two most recent American elections as well.

    Stalin was right: “It’s not who gets the vote, it’s who counts the votes what really matter.”

    1. Of course his supporters did. But to avoid penalties, he is not making the statements, it seems.

      1. I was told by a reliable source in Brazil that the fraud is going to be exposed officially within hours. I write this on Monday November 21 al 00:13 a.m. Rio de Janeiro time.

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