Edward P. Lilly, Architect of the US Doctrinal Warfare Program against the Catholic Church

This program is a follow up to FromRome.Info’s report on the CIA Document detailing the Plan to destroy the Catholic Church, here.

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12 thoughts on “Edward P. Lilly, Architect of the US Doctrinal Warfare Program against the Catholic Church”

  1. Another extremetly interesting programme which exposes many nefarious connections!

    Your linking of the CIA to ‘The Wanderer’ and ‘The Remnant’ is especially revealing…….up until last year I had thought that Michael Matt was a ‘proper traditionalist’, but his constant critiques of “Pope Francis” without naming Bergoglio as a manifest heretical antipope made me extremely skeptical. And it is the same for most if not all of the writers at The Remnant website, including Abp Vigano whose erudite critiques focus on the wider “deep Church” and the ‘Bergoglian cabal’.

    THANKYOU, Brother Alexis and AJ, for your continual dedicated work in exposing all the deceptions/distractions/falsehoods/lies within Holy Mother Church.

    Pax vobiscum.

    1. This woman is blathering, and does not have her facts. The Frats he joined, Delta Phi is Phi Beta Kappa, and that is merely honorary. The other was not at Yale, and is a Catholic Frat for those interested in international affairs. It is a lie to say his bio at Wikipedia is 47 page. I paged down 33 times. — That was all in the first minutes of her video, and I am not going to wade thru the rest of it, because she is a patent liar.

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