Pope Benedict XVI going strong….

Editor’s Note: Photo of Archbishop Schick of Bamberg, Germany, visiting the Holy Father, Benedict XVI.

As a side, note, I am glad, that after my public criticism of the lack of care for the Holy Father’s hair, that someone has heard me out.

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8 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI going strong….”

  1. God Bless Pope Benedict XVI. May the holiest of angels be at his side comforting and consoling him in his suffering for our Lord Jesus Christ’s Bride in the folly of her stupidity fertilized by Satan’s wrath. May our Holy Father Bless and Keep our Blessed Benedict XVI in his hours of need and keep him hopeful in this time of upheaval and heresy and Idolatry of the Anti-Pope.

  2. Good on you, Brother A.
    A little judicious public shaming where it is needed falls in the “spiritual works of mercy” category,
    and I’m glad somebody in Mater Ecclesia seems to have reacted favourably to your lament about how our dear BXVI looked in a recent photo.

    1. Consider it as an anti-cardinal or a post-2013 cardinal because he wears the crucifix of 2013 ( The crucifix of hammer and sickle ).

      1. Looks European, so probably a [typical] heretical/schismatic/LGBTQ+ member of the German Bishops Conference?!

        GOD bless & protect, at all times, our Holy Father Benedict XVI.

    2. Archbishop Schick from Bamberg/ Germany who submitted his resignation only recently with 73. The reason is unknown. It was accepted by Francis.

      1. +Schick is one of the few German bishops who oppose the evil Synodal way.

        None of the synodal heretic bishops of Germany would visit Pope Benedict.

  3. I pray to Our Lord to defend, support and restore Pope Benedict XVI by Thy Divine Power and Send the Holy Spirit down upon him, to enlighten, strengthen and invigorate him both in body and soul.

    And by Thy Mighty Power and Holy Angels, defend and protect him from all his enemies

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