USA: Bishop of Phoenix trashes Document citing Papal Teaching before 2013

Editor’s Note: Whose in schism here? Who is suspect of heresy here?

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8 thoughts on “USA: Bishop of Phoenix trashes Document citing Papal Teaching before 2013”

  1. “The Magisterium of Francis”.. . . . .
    preferred to the Magisterium of Christ, speaking in His Church. Well, it’s good to know where this priest stands, so we can avoid him.

  2. He is not the Bishop of Phoenix since he was not appointed by the Pope. Ignore him.

    We still have Auxiliary Bishop Eduardo Nevares in Phoenix appointed in 2012.

  3. A thought struck me while watching this hubris. The modenists are following a False Church built on the sand of Bergoglio, not on the Rock that is Peter.

    Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich spoke of the False Church seeming to completely take over the True Church but in an instant the False Church is destroyed.

    I thought when I listened to this serpent from Phoenix that his Church exists only since 2013, built on the sands of Bergoglio’s blasphemy. And as soon as Bergoglio departs this life, the wicked empire he has built will collapse.

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