USA: Senate votes to end Covid-19 Emergency

Editor’s Note: If there was any event which demonstrates that the Scamdemic was a political operation, it’s this: that the US Senate voted to end the Scam after mid-term elections. Among the 13 Senators who voted with Republicans on this issue, Christians in American need to find 3-5 to vote against the Homo Fascist Act (The Defense of Marriage Act), which will make Christianity illegal in the USA. It’s time to pick up the phone and go on the warpath. Don’t be passive, or it might mean your imprisonment.

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4 thoughts on “USA: Senate votes to end Covid-19 Emergency”

  1. A “medical emergency” ended by a vote of Congress. . .
    We seem to be trapped in a tragi-comedy-science fiction-horror novel.

  2. Therein lies a major problem: many of our legislators, in both houses, went “to ground”, using covid as an excuse to cut off constituent contacts. You can leave a voicemail, if the”box” isn’t full, or e-mail them, if they deign to read them, or send a “snail mail” letter that’ll arrive too late for the votes, but direct contacts have been severed from most, especially on the left. I have my Senators’ and utterly useless Representative’s numbers in my phone, as well as the White House, for all the good it does. Further, only actual constituents can contact their own Congress critters now. We used to be able to contact any of them, particularly those in the top leadership slots; that, along with public pages published by gov’t agencies, stopped, coming onto 6 yrs ago.

    1. The Catholic hierarchy used precisely the same nefarious tactic as the legislators: going “to ground” using covid as an excuse to cut off access to all the Sacraments.

      The strategy of manifest cowardly hirelings [under command of the Bergoglian cabal in the Vatican] only concerned with the mortal life of the body rather than the prime reason for their ordinations & consecrations – to nourish the eternal lives of the immortal souls of their ‘sheep’.

      Here in England the pathetic cowardice of all prelates and the vast majority of priests during the first c.3-month ‘lockdown’ in the Spring of 2020 and a shorter ‘lockdown’ later that same year, was shocking & saddening – we had thought that at least some of these men were competent ‘shepherds’ but the scamdemic proved otherwise…….!!

      Pax tecum.

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