“Bergoglio is definitely Pope” Crowd pushes to depose & elect another Antipope

Editor’s Note: Yes, this is the same Remnant, which is mentioned in yesterday’s program on, Edward P. Lilly, founder of the CIA Doctrinal Warfare Program against the Catholic Church. Thus it an be highly suspected, that it is pushing this new angle to prevent the restoration of Pope Benedict XVI.

Significant is how this article ends, with the slogan, “Faith unto Death”, which read in another sense, is exactly what the Masons want, that the Faith end in Death.

This article reminds me of the one they ran about the Synod of Sutri back in 2018, when From Rome also was discussing it. They never acted on their article and blocked all comments from those advocating such an action. I think, therefore, that the present article might be only the same bait and switch. Michael Matt wants to sell papers, and that is his only lasting conviction.

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    The Wanderer, Michael Matt of The Remnant and John-Henry Westen of LifeSite News are all CIA assets!

    Transcript of yesterday’s program on, Edward P. Lilly, founder of the CIA Doctrinal Warfare Program against the Catholic Church needs to be spread far and wide across the USA and the entire world!

    At 14:10

    Brother Bugnolo: So now we have to ask the question, “How many American clerics at the Vatican from 53 onward, today even maybe, maybe even up to today, who are actually CIA agents?” And we know that John Paul the Second was most likely recruited to the CIA, most likely the ones that got him elected. And he is promoting all the bishops of the Mafia of St. Gallen who end up seizing control of the Vatican after Benedict was pushed aside. So Edward P. Lilly might have been the man who was behind all of this, and it is a very serious consideration.

    Now in his interview, not in his interview, in the document by his relative who got all his paper from the Eisenhower Library, we discovered a very interesting fact by papers that were in file at the Eisenhower Library. Now I’ll point out: Your papers if you are president of the United States after you leave office are put in the library so that historians and scholars can read them. Only once they are declassified are they released to the public. So the relative and the grandson were trying to get those papers so they could publish his works and I guess get some income. So he was a government worker so he must have been doing some work under the Eisenhower Administration. But in his file that was released, that means Edward P. Lilly files were released, there were some interesting things, news clippings,and four copies of what newspaper?

    AJ: The Wanderer.

    Brother Bugnolo: The Wanderer. And in the document he describes the Wanderer as NATIONAL CATHOLIC WEEKLY and capitalizes those three words which isn’t the proper capitalization in English. So here we have the founder of the whole concept of doctrinal warfare against the Catholic Church, historian of CIA activity, is keeping four copies of The Wanderer,actually personally. So he kept four copies. But there’s something in those four copies that kept them put in the Eisenhower Library and kept under seal till 1988. So what could this possibly mean, AJ?

    AJ: That The Wanderer, which is where Michael Matt’s father comes from, is a CIA front? Or a CIA newspaper? Which means, if they are a front, they are just pushing their stuffs. But if they are part of the CIA, they are getting money.

    Brother Bugnolo: Or at least some of their writers could be CIA agents. So maybe Edward P. Lilly wrote for The Wanderer or he certainly would not be doing that unless he was still doing CIA work.

    AJ: Yeah.

    Brother Bugnolo: So this might just be the most tendentious kind of speculation. But Mr. Matt had a son who currently runs a newspaper. Where did he go to school?

    AJ: Christendom College.

    Brother Bugnolo: And who founded Christendom College? .

    AJ: Three or four CIA agents!!!

    Brother Bugnolo: OK so. Excuse me for laughing, but, if this is true, this is the hottest story in American Catholic History this year because most people think The Wanderer and The Remnant are anti-Deep State, anti-Deep Church news organs but they are actually being run by CIA money and agents. Then the constant message they put out is serving the interest of the US Government to destroy the Catholic Church.

    What kinds of organizations does The Wanderer promote that we have already figured are possible Claudio organizations?

    AJ: Hmmm. Let’s see. EWTN. EWTN. Oh,.tell me…

    Brother Bugnolo: What group that says the Latin Mass?

    AJ: Oh. The SSPX.

    Brother Bugnolo: The SSPX which now Church Militant has a view to be heavily involved in pedophilia and pedophilia cover-up. The Wanderer and The Remnant have been talking about the Latin Mass for 60 years. Why have they never published the story about pedophilia in the SSPX? They publish articles about pedophilia in the Novus Ordo Church, not in the SSPX? So that does not make any sense unless you are being run both by the same organization because that is one thing you never do to expose your own site. You’ll expose corruption in the Soviet spy network but you’ll never expose corruption in the American propaganda network. You just don’t do that.

    AJ: Oh and before we forget. Lilly was also behind recruiting Americans to become Catholic to infiltrate Spain and Italy to make them more liberal.

    Brother Bugnolo: OK, now what is your source of information for this, AJ? .

    AJ: I’ll show this (holding a thick book up to the camera.)

    Brother Bugnolo: Is that Wemhoff’s new version of his book, John Courtney Murray Time/Life, The American Proposition? And you are looking at Volume II?

    AJ: Volume 2. This is Volume 1, chapter 30.

    Brother Bugnolo: Can you read maybe a paragraph or two. We don’t want to transgress his intellectual property.rights.

    AJ: (AJ reads a paragraph about Lilly’s role in psychological warfare and doctrinal warfare in Catholic Church and CIA infiltration in Spain.)

    Brother Bugnolo: This fact ties together a lot of research AJ has done because in Spain, we found out that an Islamic terrorist group that is supposed to be operating in Iran but really has bases in Albania actually gave hundreds of thousands of euros to an organization in Spain called Citizen Go, and that organization gave the money to Vox which is a new opposition party, which in the last election so divided the conservatives so that the communists got into power and now they are persecuting the Church.

    But the interesting thing about Citizen Go is they helped the career of John-Henry Westen at LifeSite News! So is he part of the Glaudio Organization? The interesting thing about Spain is, where did Christendom college begin?

    AJ: In Spain.

    Brother Bugnolo: Yes, with conferences that were called the Christendom Conferences. It came out of Spain. It was associated with the Falange. And we talked about the nationalists in Spain as ties to the CIA. So now the dots are connecting in the constellation. We have been talking about Catholic media in the United States and how they could be controlled by the CIA and their connections, but now The Wanderer and The Remnant seem to be, it’s much more certain to say that they along with some of these others are CIA operations. And that means, EWTN, The Wanderer, The Remnant, One Peter Five, LifeSiteNews, Taylor Marshall has association with Washington DC, and (…) .all those kind of money to buy up Catholic publications.(…)

    AJ: (…) Church Militant writer moved to Italy (…)

    Brother Bugnolo: (…) Where are these guys getting all their money? (….) Now it’s seems to be more and more clear where all the money is coming from. And it’s not coming from the collection plate. Not at all.

    Watch the complete video here https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2022/11/17/architect-of-the-us-war-on-the-catholic-church/

    The CIC conference of Michael Matt of The Remnant is controlled-opposition! And so is John-Henry Westen of LifeSite News, a controlled-opposition. https://novusordowatch.org/2022/10/mistaken-identity-conference-against-pope/#comment-6019170298

    1. I corrected “Tendentious”, “Gladio (Claudio)” and “Three or Four (Thirty-four)”, there is more that could be corrected but not so important.

    2. Thankyou for this revelatory transcript.
      The programme by AJ & Brother Alexis did indeed “join up many dots”. I commented that I had begun to suspect Michael Matt’s ‘position’ earlier this year.
      I stopped watching Church Militant last year after some years of enthusiasm for their varied programmes.
      I have never trusted John-Henry Westen or Taylor Marshall.
      Rorate Caeli also take the “Bergoglio is Pope” position, which is a shame as many good liturgical articles are posted on their website.
      ‘Father Z’ has been blogging for, probably, longer than any other priest. As a convert from Lutheranism and a very knowledgeable advocate for the TLM and for the City of Rome, where he lived for some years, his articles on liturgical matters, or Rome, or indeed food & drink [!} are always worth studying.
      But he has not yet had the courage to declare Bergoglio as a heretical antipope, but by means of various oblique references he clearly knows that something is very wrong…….

      Pax tecum.

  2. We know Bergoglio will step down on his own … and give the seat to the AntiChrist.

    This is how the beast will force the world to worship Satan, as was written in the Apocalypse.

      1. That’s a very fair assessment of Ann Barnhardt as far as I (a convert of 23 years standing) am concerned. As for yourself: outstanding on matters of Holy Faith, morals and the church fathers, but on my reading of the facts, dead wrong on the whole NATO – Russia dialectic. On the scamdemic, you listened to your readers, swiftly changed tack and have largely called it correctly.

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