FROMROME.INFO Blocked in Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Yesterday, the G20 resolved to crack down on misinformation on the internet. And this morning, Rome time, at 7:15 A.M., all internet and cellphone traffic attempting to reach FromRome.Info from Italian territory was banned.

FromRome.Info is now unable to be accessed inside the territory of the Italian Republic from Italian carriers.

It remains reachable only through foreign SIM Cards inserted into cellphones. This ban effected the IP of FromRome.Info, not other sites on the internet. And this while Whatsapp communications and Twitter access were still accessible.

FromRome.Info, asks readers if they are in Italy to attempt to reach the site through VIPs. If anyone in Italy can reach this site on an Italian landline or SIM Card please comment below.

The report about Gānswein, which was just published, seems to be the one which has triggered the ban, though it could have been the published exposé of NATO misinformation or CIA yesterday.

Fortunately, I am way ahead of the enemies of truth and have multiple accesses to the Internet outside of the control of EU authorities.

If you wish to help stay on line, please consider helping, because a whole new level of electronic warfare is being directed against it.

UPDATE: We will shame the corporations which are participating in this ban by naming them here, as information is provided to us from readers:

TIM – Via SIM cards [Since 7:15 AM today, shammed them publicly at 9:07; restored access at 9:22 AM]

VODAPHONE –  Via SIM cards  [Ban before 8:45 AM; Ban lifted approx. 15 minutes after shaming them publicly at 9:07 AM]

WIND – On land lines [Ban effective before 9:22 AM]

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7 thoughts on “FROMROME.INFO Blocked in Italy”

      1. My guess is it was the PTB, and the work-arounds have them scrambling to find another way, to shutyou down; the desired affect was not effected by this manuever. Or perhaps they were only trying to scare you into backing down, this time…

      2. It was clearly a trial-of-concept. The other day, when talking to AJ, someone intervened and said Yes, in AJ’s voice, and it was not he or I who were the only ones on the call…. another trial of concept…

  1. It seems clear to me that demons can interfere directly with the internet, as well as via their human ‘puppets’ .
    I have experienced occasional, puzzling, ‘interferences’ over the last couple of years but not to the extent that Brother Alexis or AJ have experienced.
    The forces of darkness will always attack Truth.
    And they hate Latin…….

    “Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle…….etc.”

  2. Br. Alexis, what kind of video conferencing service do you use for interviews with AJ? Maybe it is a good idea to switch to a privacy focused, encrypted service like Jitsi.

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