Requiescat in Pace, Father Paul Francis

Father Paul Francis, a frequent commentator here at has passed away. FromRome.Info learned of this through a reader who received a letter from the US Post Office back, stamped “Deceased”.

FromRome.Info asks you to pray for this courageous humble priest who stood with Pope Benedict XVI in the last years of his life, and was an ardent supporter of our Electronic News Journal.

If anyone knows more about this priest, please comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Requiescat in Pace, Father Paul Francis”

  1. May our Hero: Jesus Christ of Nazareth …and Holy Family and Angelic Friends and Saints and Holy Souls…. may They All welcome Father Paul Francis in Life after this life and give him good works to do for us mortals still walking in our mortal bodies,
    may Father Paul Francis continue to assist Pope Benedict XVIth to bring the unholy saga with Bergoglio to a just and fitting end!

    This scandalous Vatican saga has gone on for too long!

    We thank all the Holy Ones in “Heaven” and on Earth for protecting Pope Benedict 16th and bringing about Justice … JUSTICE SEEN TO BE DONE!
    Stop the blind leading the blind in this evil scam. Amen!

    Stop leading … the people astray!

    Concerned Families International Network
    The Christ-like Way!
    Friends of Humanely ethical, moral science and legislations in all matters re. Church and State Governments’ Population Policy.

  2. May Paul F be in Heaven, together with God the Most High, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mama Mary, and the choirs of angels and saints! Rest in Peace.

  3. Eternal rest grant unto Fr. Paul Francis, oh, Lord. And let your Perpetual Light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

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