Catholics and Orthodox discuss a common date for Easter

Commentary and Critique by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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This is a story I have been personally following for neigh 30 years. And the news today, is not something to be welcomed acritically, because one has to ask, after nearly all the Churches embraced the Scamdemic with a religious fervor greater than any shown Jesus Christ since the Dogmatic definition of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, why now?

Why now? may be explained by the last major proposal in this area, which was to set the First Sunday of April as Easter, jettisoning both the Orthodox and the Catholic traditions in this regard.

For the Orthodox follow the Julian Calendar and the Catholics the Gregorian, but both calculate Easter in the same manner, as the First Sunday after the first Saturday after the first Full Moon, which rises after the Vernal Equinox, when the equator of the Earth is tilted neither away from nor towards the Sun. This calculation is to ensure that Easter is always celebrated after the Passover, since Our Lord rose from the Dead on the day after Passover, in the year 33 A. D. [As regards the year, I adhere to the most recent astronomical determinations of this date, as I explain below].

(This moment in time each year occurs at a different hour of the day at different places on the Earth, and thus, I am not sure how the Churches account for this difference, whether they use the time of the Equinox for Jerusalem, Constantinople or Rome. — If any reader knows, comment below).

But since the Gregorian calendar reckons for the inaccuracies of the calendar reformed by Julius Caesar, the Catholics at present reckon each day of the year 13 days before the Orthodox. So that the Orthodox Feasts are generally held 13 days after the Catholic.  And thus, in some years the Orthodox Celebrate Easter on the same date as us, but in others as much as a month later.

However, the method of calculation, is the same, and it comes from the Apostles themselves, according to tradition.

To set Easter as the First Sunday in April, regardless of the Equinox or the Moon, however, would be to break entirely with that tradition.

And this is a serious matter, because calendrical  calculations are important to the Living God, as can be seen in the Books of Moses, where God ordains certain feasts to be kept on certain days, determined by the position of the Sun and Moon.

Indeed, the Doctors of the Church all declare that the cycles of the Sun and Moon, as seen in the sky above the Earth, are the Calendar which God has given man for the reckoning of time. To jettison that reckoning and establish something as an agreement among men, which excludes the God-give manner of calculating Easter (based on the calculation of the Passover), is to jettison God’s authority over time and the ritual of the Redemption.

And that would fit perfectly in the Masonic project of making Man the center of all authority.  But it would also put the Churches which adhere to such a anthropocentric method of calculation IN SCHISM FROM THE LIVING GOD.

Nor can anyone reasonable hold that the Church or the Pope has the authority to abandon Tradition on this point or to invent an entirely new calculation which has nothing to do with the date of the Passover, as God has decreed in the Old Testament.

This would violate the teaching of Vatican I, which infallibly taught that the entire Church, including the Pope, is bound by Scripture and Tradition.

But it also ominous to propose such a change to the First Sunday of April, because Our Lord instituted the New Covenant precisely when He did, because of the apostasy of the High Priests and Scribes of His own day, who CHANGED the date of the Passover without divine authorization. I have written about this before at Easter in 2020 A. D..

For as we now know, the discrepancy of the Gospels regarding the Passion of Our Lord was due to the variation in the observation of the rising of the Moon, on Passover, in 33 A. D.

For the Gospels say that Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples on Thursday Evening, but that He was crucified for the salvation of the world, on Friday, before the beginning of the celebration of the Passover.

To the casual observer this seems at odds with the declaration made by the Lord, that no one could accuse Him of violating the Mosaic Law.

The explanation is found in the precise astronomical calculation for the rising of the Moon in 33 A. D., when in that year alone, it was seen to rise at Jerusalem about 1 minute after sunset on Thursday, April 2, 33 A. D., but as seen from Alexandria, which was the cultural center of the Jewish diaspora and the center of astronomical science in the First Century A. D. (similar to Greenwich, England, today), it was seen to rise about one minute BEFORE sunset on that day, pushing the calculation to Friday, as the vigil of Passover.

So the Jews of that year at Alexandria were to celebrate Passover in Egypt on Saturday, but those in Jerusalem who followed the Mosaic Law on Friday.

This precise astronomical calculation, made by a chronologist at the Naval Observatory in Maryland Virginia, at my personal request, many years ago, shows that Our Lord considered the Moon rise as seen from Jerusalem, but that the High Priest, to make more money at the feast, moved the celebration to Saturday, to accommodate the Jews from Egypt.

But such a move of the Feast was NOT within their authority, and in fact broke the Old Covenant with an act of horrible apostasy.

And this is why Our Lord chose to inaugurate in His own Flesh and Blood the New Covenant on Thursday night, the beginning of the true Passover according to the Mosaic Law, and the true Passover according to Christian law.

Thus, if any Churches would break from the calculation of Passover to celebrate Easter, they would fall into a most grave violation of the Divine foundational act of the New Covenant. And that would be apostasy of biblical proportions.

Thus, my concern is, that this new development for the determination of a common date of Easter is being promoted or will be perverted by Globalist interests, who aim above all to turn the House of the Living God into an Temple of the Abomination of Desolation.

For truly, to abandon Easter, is an Abomination of Desolation.


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  1. Similar to how masons, modernism, and Christianity without the cross have infiltrated the Church today, could one say that Sadducees, and their lack of belief in the resurrection infiltrated the sanhedrin leading up to the death of Christ?

    1. I would also add that today we have “two” popes just like at Jesus’s trial, when he was tried by both Anias and Caiphas. I heard Taylor Marshall say that the position of high priest was hereditary, and so Caiphas was illegitimate because he was the son in law of Anias.

  2. The high priest was to be a direct, blood descendent of Aaron, as set forth in Leviticus, along with the Tabernacle and all associated rites thereunto. Other levites were priests unto Yhwh God (serving a 20 year term from age 30-50), but only the blood descendents of Aaron could legitimately be high priests, and it was for life. Ananias and Caiaphis were both elected, by the Sanhedrin, for a one year term each, as was the practice at that time, showing the abandonment of Mosaic law, thus Yhwh’s laws given through Moses, for the children of Israel. That today’s churches are doing the same, effectively severing the spiritual significance of the celebration of the resurrection, as well as from Yhwh God, in the doing, should come as no surprise. The resurrection is the single greatest act of Yhwh God against Satan, the proof of his final defeat! It stands to reason Satan would seek to obliterate all memory of that fact. Like many a defeated general, Satan has yet to concede his defeat, but he knows he has been, so everything since has been out of revenge and desire to hurt Yhwh God, knowing he can’t ever win.

    1. Thanks for your very astute article. I am an Orthodox Christian and will present a quote from one of our Orthodox Saints (Saint Kosmas Aitolos, 1700’s):

      “A time will come when there will not be the harmony that exists now between the laity and the clergy.”

      “The clergy will become the worst and most impious of all.”

      Many other Saints have made a similar prophecy in slightly different words.

  3. 24th & Last Sunday Post Pentecost

    Dear Brother,

    To determine the date of Easter, Holy Mother Church uses the fixed date of March 21 as the Vernal Equinox. As you know the actual Equinox can fall anywhere from March 20 to March 22. This variance makes calculating the Easter date rather complicated. The rule is typically abbreviated as the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox.

    The full moon is gauged by the eastern Orthodox church as the moment it is full at the meridian of Jerusalem. I am not sure how Holy Mother Church calculates the time of the full moon, but I read somewhere that it is based on a similar fiction as the fixing of the vernal equinox.

    In any case I thank you for your point about the Lord God being the master of time and place, the Earth and the Heavens, and under the Heavens. Fixing Easter on “the first Sunday of April” rips the most solemn Feast from its moorings to God, Man and Nature.

    Similar reasoning undergirds my opposition to the use of daylight savings time which pushes high noon as determined by the Sun (Lamp if Our Lord) off its apex.

    Of course the US government is speaking about going to permanent daylight savings time, which shouldn’t surprise us because of course Man knows better.

    Jacques Lacan lamented that the misery of modern Man stems from his lack of familiarity with the stars.

    And with God, he might have added.

    In Corde Christi,

    C. P. Benischek

    P. S. Looking ahead, n. b: the Total Eclipse over the U. S. in 2024 A. D., the path of which marks a perfect cross over our native land, with the Eclipse of the Fatima Centennial in 2017 A. D.

  4. I know the present-day Jews still observe Passover. Are they now figuring that date according to the Old Testament, or not? So is our Easter observed right after their Passover?

    This is a confusing holiday but I guess we’ve all grown up with the widely varying dates. We can’t have it exactly one year later each year, or it wouldn’t fall on Sunday. Seems like they would have worked this out by now, since they’ve had 2000 years to do it, lol.

    1. I think the Jews never followed either the Julian or the Gregorian calendars, but always made astronomical observations and used those.

  5. “Abomination of Desolation” indeed…….precisely what the Gospel for the 24th and last Sunday after Pentecost – November 20th – refers to [St Matthew 24: 15-35]!!

    This is a profound & most sobering eschatological “End Times” passage of Sacred Scripture.

    The nefarious suggestion for “a common date for Easter” is clearly another step along the hellish path towards the globalist/masonic desire for a ‘One World Religion’!

    “Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle…….etc.”

  6. I am missing something. If the astronomical calculation makes it one day of the year, then why is Easter not celebrated on the same physical day regardless of which calendar (Julian or Gregorian) is followed. The days in the calendar would be different but the day should be the same as far as the time and position of the moon.

    1. Because do to the fact that the Orthodox recon March 21st, as occurring 12 days later, they often reckon that the first Full Moon after the Spring Solstice is a month later, ignoring the astronomical fact that the solstice is occurring earlier than March 21st in their calendar.

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