2 thoughts on “CCP opens Police Stations in the USA”

  1. NOW, they get concerned. Buying up large tracts of land, including mineral rights, buying farm lands, buying fresh water from our reservoirs, setting up spying and indoctrination centers in our universities, and buying significants of our fuel reserves didn’t raise an eyebrow, over the past few decades… but now setting up police here finally got their attention? What’s wrong with this picture??? That doesn’t even count much of the weapons and munitions manufacturing (parts at least), or the control of pharmaceuticals manufacturing, etc, that has also been allowed over the same time frame… But grab for their power and control, and THEN they get “concerned”…

  2. Operator! Infiltration!
    Get me Jesus on the line

    Wherever I look there is infiltration.
    Nothing’s done.
    Authorities are too busy guarding abortion clinics.

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