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  1. It is very, very obvious that Musk is a key member of the cabal — and by and large these high-up operatives are satanic/occult adepts. I bring this up particularly because for those who have studied the important transgender aspect of the occult world around today, it becomes clear that a large percentage of the major and powerful figures of today — whether in business, entertainment, politics, etc. — are actually transgendered, typically from when they are chemically/hormonally altered in-utero.

    Musk gives all appearances of being a female-to-male transgender for those who know how to see the markers. No matter how many facial (or bodily) reconstruction surgeries these people get, or how fancy their ongoing hormonal treatments are, I have seen that they lament that their basic skeletal structures cannot be altered. Musk has no eyebrow ridge whatsoever (whereas a true biological male has a more pronounced eyebrow ridge than does a biological female). Musk has a very flat (female) forehead that is very obvious. Musk has a very small neck and also noticeably small hands. When “he” wears certain clothing, a high waistline is apparent (women have higher waistlines than do men.) These are just a few examples of the very female skeletal structure of Musk.

    Musk’s face resembles the genre of “pretty boy” faces that other female-to-male transgenders (like Justin Bieber, for example) all have. Here is a little video below that (while being a bit amateurish), shows some good telltale photos and observations concerning Musk. It is a basic introduction to the transgender phenomenon that saturates the world around us in Hollywood, politics, sports, and business. I have studied this intently because transgenders who stay as such are part of the satanic dominance that labors to crush and obliterate all religion, all morality, all wholesome family life, and ultimately all nation-states as they have existed in man’s history. And there is an army of “trannies” that forms the true “shock troops” and “elite” in the agenda to subvert God and all religion from the hearts and lives of mankind. Musk gives all signs of being of their number.

    1. I think you have gone off into a true “conspiracy theory” here. Have you searched to see if such technology existed 40, 50, 60 years ago, when these individuals were in the womb. Well I can tell you, it did not. I do not even think it does today. So… first check the presuppositions of a claim, before embracing it…

      1. Nothing is what it seems to be……
        Ex. : Brigitte Macron, apparently, neither Michelle Obama…
        A French journalist had done a 3 years work of research to find all the traces about ‘Brigitte’ and his/her past ! One of the proves were brought by the orthopedics: the male structure of the skeletron.

      2. You cannot alter the skeleton of a woman to a man, you would have to take out the entire hip and the entire skull…and the entire rib cage…

  2. Exactly !

    I might believed or not this French journalist’s research, but I had (99 %) confirmation this summer visiting an ex father-in-law’s student, now at a certain age and position who, during the converdation about all possible subjects, told us 2 things: that person had for an entire month Macron and ‘his’ friend in this person’s house. Second (that I already had some news about), that Xi Jinping speaks romanian learned during his university’s studies of Economics in Bucarest…..

  3. Elon Musk actually tweeted this tasteless meme referring to the temptation Trump feels to get back on Twatter. This tells you where Musk’s head is.[

    1. Yes, of this I spoke in the show, but I have taken out the link you shared, since FromRome.Info does not link to porn…

  4. Whether or not the transgendering is initiated or not in utero is really a minor point (even though we can’t rule it out just because there’s no information about it readily available. Satanic secret societies have always very skillfully hidden their most extreme nefarious activities and killed those who tried. There is much we will never know until we meet God.) We do know, however, that the highest level transgender satanic operatives are often deformed in childhood, unlike Bruce Jenner’s bogus and trend-facilitating stunt.
    The reality remains that many high level (and well-funded)”bad actors” (to use a military term) are indeed very masterfully transgendered and are hardly even detectable. This is an in-your-face deception and subversion that few even realize is happening. The six foot, stallion-like “super model” so-called “women” are among these. Michael Obama and Macron’s so-called “wife”, on the other hand, are two fairly pathetic and obvious ones. And “Brittney Griner” — clearly a man — is another example of this fraud being perpetrated on humanity via “women’s” basketball. Skeletons do not lie.
    This type of topic, where it is seriously, factually and pictorially presented, is typically scrubbed from youtube — a sure sign of authenticity.

    1. I think you are off into lala land on this speculation. I am an anthropologist, and I know that you cannot ever fake gender.

  5. Perhaps I don’t know what you mean by “you cannot fake gender.” Faking of genders is everywhere (Bruce/”Call me Caitlyn” Jenner and other drag queens for starters) This is not speculation, because while ultimately we cannot CHANGE gender, people can and do FAKE their gender in a significant way — and pay a lot of money for this purpose. They present themselves to the world as what they are not. There are actual “beauty pageants” for transgender “women” — for those men who are so very proud of the results of their huge monetary investment to mutilate their bodies and sculpt themselves to look like women. With enough treatments, hormones, surgeries and makeup, lipstick and hairdos, etc., etc., a man (for example) CAN be made to LOOK very much like a (FAKE) woman. And visa versa. All of this is documented and available photographically. Look at this article and photo at all the MEN openly masquerading as women:


    There is a big push right now in American public schools to encourage small children to feel free to surgically “transgender” themselves — and without any parental permission. (California now allows this). Parents are fighting back. But this is the next and lower degradation that naturally follows the already common phenomenon of “transgendered” adults — i.e., men and women who FAKE their genders. The modern “medical” industry can and DOES produce freaks that have “transgendered” themselves in APPEARANCE. There is a big industry over in Asia — where many Westerners travel to have the expensive procedures done.

    I might suggest that if one has not done any investigation in this area, that it might be enlightening to do so in order to get a glimpse of another layer of satanic evil that surrounds us.
    This is tragically very, very real. And now the controllers are going after children in this evil mutilation of God’s creation.

    1. When I say, you cannot fake gender, I mean, that you cannot change the gender of your body in its essence and core, you can only attempt mutilate parts of it.

    2. Je suis d’accord avec vous !
      Je suis tombée sur une publicité pour des crèmes cosmétiques etc. où on utilisaient de trans (je suppose ) … Je me suis arrêtée à regarder plusieurs fois car quelques chose donnait l’impression de faux !….. J’ai suivi l’Ecole des beaux arts, j’ai exercé beaucoup l’observation des traits des figures humaines… Et la chose que ne clochait pas c’était le regard et les mains… Absence de ‘féminité’. J’ai commenté au-dessous la pub et plusieurs m’ont donné raison……

  6. Yes. And that is precisely the theme I have tried to present — and to also convey that this way-too-common fakery of “transgendering” human beings is now reaching an unheard-of prevalence and promotion and open mainstreaming today precisely because this practice is an established one among our satanic controllers who are steering the world into another evil aspect of their own great darkness.

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