Mafia of St. Gallen raids Assets of the Knights of Malta

Editor’s Note: By means of taking control of the Order via laymen, who did not accumulate the wealth of the Order throughout the ages, the Mafia of St. Gallen through its takover of the Vatican and its imposture of a pope, has obtained what appears to be final say in the disposition of the assets of this great, historical knightly Order.

I predict that whereas this Order once received numerous bequests from the nobility, it will now become a dependent on handouts from globalist governments, and that its once proud colors will soon fly in the armies of the Antichrist — UNLESS some knights wake up soon and return to Pope Benedict XVI!

I shake my head in the consideration of how great is the folly of noblemen and knights to be willing to give up everything for a lie, that Bergoglio is the pope, when all the evidence in law and fact would argue in their favor to resist this imposture!

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5 thoughts on “Mafia of St. Gallen raids Assets of the Knights of Malta”

  1. Once they are stripped bare, Knights of Malta will be fed to the dogs on the incoming chaos across Europe.

  2. The current darkness is of the suffering mentally dead to knowing itself led by strong delusion and it’s allowed by God to expose the arrogant, pretenders and demonic. Pray, fast, OBEY and those leading the forces of the faithful led by the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to do their bit though they suffer will win the day.

  3. A young, English, priestly friend of mine who is in an ancient religious order, has a chaplaincy to the Knights of Malta. I must discuss this “steal” by the ‘St Gallen Mafia’ with him, especially as he sees through the monumental deceptions/distractions of the last decade and still recognizes Benedict XVI as Pope.

    Pax vobiscum.

    1. Hi Steve

      Does he livestream his masses? I am looking for a mass in English (or Spanish, or French, or Portuguese).


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