USA: Court orders release of data showing 18,000,000 DeathVaxx injuries

Editor’s Note: It has been reported that Vaccine injuries are noted down into the national register (VAERS) AT ONLY a 1% rate. If this is true of this data, that means 180 million of the 200 million who were DeathVaxxed have been injured to one degree or another.  — I hate to say that, as regards the numbers, I was right. even if death has not yet resulted for most of them. God willing, they won’t die, but have time to repent.

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4 thoughts on “USA: Court orders release of data showing 18,000,000 DeathVaxx injuries”

  1. This data appears to much more accurate than VAERS. Of the 10 million people who used V-Safe, 800,000 reported being hospitalized after an injection. That’s 8%! Extrapolating to the 230 million who (reportedly) took one shot or more, that’s 18 million. That’s where the number comes from. In my mind, it could be under-reported a bit because of self-selection of who used the V-Safe app, but it’s certainly closer to reality than VAERS.

    1. VAERS is also self reported, but distrust of gov’t agencies may send more to private sites too.
      According to those in the know (the real scientists who aren’t “bought” by gov’ts), the jabs are more like ticking time bombs set to go off at different times, than a standard “kill” time, and the life expectancy for jabbed individuals dropped to 3-5 years from the first jab.

  2. By several methods of calculation,VAERS was 40 times more than listed number. This brings V safe and VAERS closer Either way to continue to push vax X govt ,pharma,major hospitals are all criminally guilty

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