Anti-Pope takes over Caritas International, because administrators were not nice

Editor’s Note: This is another story of the most hypocritical man in history. No financial or administrative mismanagement was found, but Bergoglio dismissed the entire leadership because they were not running the institution in a manner which promoted morale. — If that is a basis for replacing leadership, I have news for you: I have spoke with clergy, Archbishops and Cardinals, who say Bergoglio is the most abusive person they ever met. They do not even dare to attempt to visit him to ask counsel, aid, etc.. Like many modernists, he is an angel in front of the cameras, and a demon with doors closed. Terribly abusive psychologically, this manner of acting makes subjects incapable of responding to institutional needs, because the two personas are so diametrically opposite, one does not know what to think let alone do. This is also the modus operandi of the pedophile, in public, and when alone with a boy. — I think one can guess a few real reasons why Bergoglio took over this international Charity Association: money, globalism, and sheer delight in exercising raw power, the more raw the better. This is the Wolf, of which I believe, Pope Benedict XVI is terrified, and by such terror, effectively imprisoned.

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4 thoughts on “Anti-Pope takes over Caritas International, because administrators were not nice”

  1. Apparently it’s past time to be vetting the church’s leaders on several levels, not the least of which would be spirituality, but also leadership skills, doctrine, etc.

    1. And who would be doing the vetting on the Church’s leaders?
      Bergoglio’s corrupt appointees to the dicastry who choose bishops select men like themselves.
      We all know that Prelates get to “mark their own homework.”
      It’s going to take a direct act of God to clean out the Augean Stables of the Vatican; but eventually HE will.

  2. He is gathering all the money using whatever excuse. He has done that for decades. That is how he bought his ‘papacy’ by plucking fools left and right.

    In the good old times, armies would have marched on Rome, depose him and throw him headlong in the Tiber.

    May be Our Lady will unleash the Russians on him.

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