Did the CIA bump off Mother Angelica?

Editor’s Note: This show is in two parts, on the OMC Radio TV page, because someone interrupted the transmission multiple times and hacked the transmission with a very sophisticated method, the knowledge to perform which is only available to intelligence agencies. Hear it explained during the program.

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5 thoughts on “Did the CIA bump off Mother Angelica?”

  1. Br Bugnolo
    You said in the second video that Cardinal Romeo mentioned in 2012 (exactly 365 days before PBXVI declaratio) in a lunch in with Italian businessmen in China that PBXVI would die. The articles I have found online on this say that this happened in November 2012.

    Can you clarify these events? It is a key event supporting the arguments for an impeded sea.

    1. No, I said, that the “threat” was published in newspapers on Feb. 12, 2013, at least in Italy. If you can find a report from November, let me know. Actually, from my sources in Sicily, I heard of this earlier than Nov, I think a year before, when one of the businessmen in quesiton, gave me a ride, while I was hitchhicking to Sicily in Dec. of 2011, and he did not know what to do with the information, and I told him to warn the Holy Father and speak with journalists. — At the time, I thought it was simply a hoax or something said while drunk and was not credible, so I reserved myself merely to give him counsel about what to do with the information. At that time, he told me that there was a plot to assassinate Pope Benedict XVI. He said nothing about a year long threat. When it did come out in the Italian press, I felt that there was some sort of instrumentatalization of the story, and this by the Masonic Press.

      1. Sorry, I got my dates wrong. The report says that the Cardinal Romo said made these comments in November 2011 and Pope Benedict would be dead within 1 year.

        If he took these threats seriously it would be interesting to know what “delayed” the decision of his declaratio from November 2012 to February 2013. Didn’t he tell Cardinal Bertone of his intention to “resign” in the summer of 2012?



      2. Well if you read those articles, you see that that is another story. The story I am referring to was launched on Feb. 10/12, 2012, and it said that B16 would be assasinated within a year if he refused to resign. See il Fatto Quotidiano…. Times of India…

  2. Many thanks for another superb investigative programme!
    Those interruptions to your transmissions are a sure sign that you are exposing some truths which the enemies of the Church want to remain hidden!!

    I always had a high regard for Mother Angelica RIP both before & after my 2012 conversion from the Church of England.
    But, of even more significance, my late wife Edith [who died in February 2017 from Alzheimers’ Disease together with Pneumonia & a metastatic cancer] was, even in her final years of suffering, always most attentive to EWTN TV whenever Mother Angelica or Bishop Sheen were being shown!
    It seemed on these, and on many other occasions, that Edith [a ‘cradle’ Catholic born in 1952] had an innate sense of Catholic Truth in amongst all the many deceptions & distractions & errors of the postconciliar Church.

    Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine: et lux perpetua luceat eis.

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