Join Br. Bugnolo and AJ at CrossAzure.Net

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Many ask to contact me or AJ. You can do this at CrossAzure.Net, where I have a personal account (@BrotherAlexis) and AJ responds for his Radio Account (@OMC_Radio_TV).

You cannot find me on Social Media anywhere, but at Cross Azure, since I do not want my presence on the net to be used by platforms which push pornography or propaganda.

In fact, CrossAzure net is a pornography, globalist propaganda free platform. The only one of its kind, we know of, on the net.

And for all those who are upset I do not publish your comments, here, you can comment on CrossAzure.Net, where there is no editorial intervention regarding what you say, according to the user policy.

Anyone can sign up for free, regardless of their race or religion.

You can also do private chats via text, phone, and video for free, with your friends at CrossAzure, regardless of where they are in the world!

At CrossAzure we are working to building as safe environment for true social media, and hope to include a market place and platform for video publishers soon.

Click below to join…

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