9 thoughts on “This Christmas Christians need to show “tough love”!”

  1. Indeed. I have done my best to stop buying books on Amazon. I now use bookfinder4u.com and I choose normally abebooks.com which usually has the best price and ships very quickly (although not as fast as amazon). For the rest, I try and buy locally.

    While I don’t know any shop near me that let me in without a mask, there was a shoe shop that sold me some shoes over the phone (after I had seen them in in and shop window) and delivered them near my house. It is important to support local businesses, otherwise they will go bankrupt.

  2. I agree with you, but leaving a cart full of goods for some min wage worker to sort out before getting home is a bad idea, it’s like something the other side would do, esp with chilled:frozen goods. An email to the company outlying your reason for not shopping there is a more Christ like idea.

    1. You can try a “more-Christlike” approach, but I will follow the example of the true Christ, who made a whip and overturned the stalls as he used it to cleanse His Father’s House…

  3. Yes, Dear Brother, we shall do that, we shall follow your very good advice. thank You!

    And we will tell others by text, e-mail, Christmas Card, by phone and in person.

    Evangelisation in ACTION for Jesus’ Birthday!
    Jesus Christ of Nazareth our Rabboni and Savior!

    With respect, we hope we understand what You ment re. parental corporal punishment.

    We found that corporal punishment (hitting people – large and small-) will teach them to hit others when what others do or do not do, is contrary to their wishes.
    Domestic violence ….in small doses? Perhaps.

    As You know, there are much more effective ways to punish, or should we say: to bring people to understand that they should mend their unacceptable ways … change their bad behavior.
    Bad covid-Agenda 2021-2030/50 behavior which we shall never condone!
    The perpetrators must be made accountable, not get away with the hurt they caused to Families without being given the ‘opportunity’ to make amends by being reminded of their cruelty and made aware that our actions are ment to let them see that there are unpleasant consequences to their cruelty, consequences which we humans must eventually face, either now or after our death!

    So, they should be grateful to be given the opportunity now, in this mortal life, to make reparation, to ask for forgiveness and resolve not to do it again!

  4. What a wonderful, positive way to reinforce good behavior!

    I have done this in a small way, because years ago, when Target stopped allowing the Salvation Army bell ringers in front of their stores at Christmas, I stopped shopping at their stores.

    I will try to find a more positive way to reward good, wholesome and Christian friendly behavior this year.

  5. Thank you for your positive words, I trust people are becoming more conscious of their actions now. Blessings

  6. OR, you can do what Jesus did which was help the poor and needy rather than participate in pointless commerce pushed by the corporatocracy that’s attempting to slow dagger everyone with manufactured inflation, but then I’m not Christian nor am I learned like Br. Bugnolo so obviously I know nothing.

    By the way, even if a business uses the words Christmas or Jesus on their storefront that doesn’t mean anything. The Devil himself quoted scripture…

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