9 thoughts on “USA: Catholic governor of Florida leads Trump in polls for US Presidency”

  1. I want to like DeSantis. But I’m just not sure.
    However, I would vote for him over Trump. No question.

  2. Trump is maffia owned.
    I read the biography of J.F.K.
    My conclusion is that you can’t become president when you not bribable.
    “Holy” J.F.K. was.
    So evil has been ruling the U.S. for quite some time.

  3. As I have previously maintained here — i.e., that no one becomes a governor, let alone a president, without pledging obedience to the controllers — I have seen that others also are suspecting that DeSantis is just another FRAUD amidst his glitter. When I (and others) saw that DeSantis attended Yale — and has appeared in recent years basically out of nowhere, bursting into the limelight and high position — it gave many of us pause to seriously consider if he could be Skull and Bones. One of S&B’s specialty is giving us high level political operatives who, as part of the brotherhood, are owned, controlled, “selected,” and basically PLACED into high offices. We notice that while the rest of the rigged 2022 elections were all fraudulently swung to the left, nevertheless, our new “hero” DeSantis was allowed and granted a shining victory.
    I think our “smell a rat” and fraud-detecting radar skills must be VERY BEWARE of this man. We need to strongly suspect that DeSantis has been launched with a high trajectory and he is the newest FAKE CONSERVATIVE poster boy (as was/is FRAUD-Trump) in our STAGED political game where BOTH sides of the mainstream political spectrum are FULLY OWNED and DIRECTED by the globalist/satanic controllers.

  4. Update March 1, 2023 to all of the above from November 2022:


    As suspected, more evidence thrown in our face that DeSantis IS a tool of the satanic controllers. The trajectory he has been assigned appears to be a high one. He’s just been endorsed by a Skull and Bones (Bush) family member and hard core satanic globalist Soros. As the link above states: “Need we say any more????”

    1. He was not endorsed by Soros, that is fake news, but the GOP is skull and bones thru and thru.

  5. Update April 2023
    The video link below exposes a lot about DeSantis’ opaque past — and why he has always endeavored to keep hidden any real details of his Guantanamo stint, and likewise his deployment to Iraq. It’s because the truth is reprehensible and would destroy his “conservative” and “holier than thou” fake persona.

    DeSantis has been set up as the darling of conservatives in our 100% fraudulent left/right paradigm, but we can see here how dastardly he really is.
    At last, in this video we see a peak into Guantanamo a la DeSantis where — as many have long suspected — it looks like we can pretty positively conclude he was not there to “defend the rights of prisoners.” Obviously, if DeSantis is indeed Skull and Bones, he belongs to satanic freemasonry — and is a powerful operative on the enemy team: “a liar and murderer” like his leader.
    Perhaps this video can be featured on your site. There’s a little bad language, and some of this is (understandably) disgusting, but this seems overall to be an excellent exposing of DeSantis, the fraud.


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