Watch, “Died Suddenly” — The Blockbuster exposé on the DeathVax

FromRome.Info Editor’s Note: The US DOD intentionally injected soldiers with a product which they knew would kill them. The US Military will not be able to defend the nation as a result of this “vaccine” by 2027. — This observation can be extended to the entire population. Br. Bugnolo expected the results of this DeathVaxx to take place in a year, but these speakers show that it’s more likely to take place in the next 5.

Kirsch sent an email to 300+ officials at CDC asking if the wanted to see the data from Israel regarding the lethality of the DeathVaxxes. No one responded.  This reminds me of the email I sent to 700+ priests at Rome in Nov. 2019, asking them if they want to see the evidence that Pope Benedict XVI was still the pope. I got no positive response at all.

From this, I think I can say, as an anthropologist, that we can suppose with a reasonable probability that there is the same control system behind both denials of objective reality in a serious matter of professional responsibility, which could easily be addressed, but is rather the subject of a universal denial. And I suppose that this control system has its source in the same “institution”: the Globalist Network a. k. a. Masonic Lodge.

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11 thoughts on “Watch, “Died Suddenly” — The Blockbuster exposé on the DeathVax”

  1. I watched it last night & it’s excellent.

    I shared it far & wide, though I have doubts that those needing to see it most will watch. But someone pointed out that even if they avoid it because they’re afraid to see, it’s an encouraging sign. Many who got the 1st & 2nd DeathVaxx are refusing the boosters. May God help everyone learn the truth, and may He bless Stew Peters, Brother Bugnolo and every good soul doing the work to expose it.

  2. Now we know why Christ said the days will be cut short for the sake of the elect. The moment of God’s intervention cannot be far off.

  3. Question: In your comments, are you suggesting a good number of the population will have died either with in the upcoming year or within by 2027?

    1. No one knows for certain. Back in June of 2021, when the DeathVaxx was said to be a corona virus vaccine — of the kind which killed all test subject animals in the past in a short period of time — I warned that taking the DeathVaxx would result in the death of billions within months. Late, when it came out that these are not vaccines but bioweapons, which destroy immunity within a year, I said that those who took them might be dead within a year or more. Experts have said that in a real deathvaxx there are 53+ factors that can kill you. But recently experts are saying that the manufacturing process was so sloppy, and that the mRNA tech is so unstable, that many may have dogged the bullet. Certainly those who got myocarditis, according to experts wont live more than another 10 years, but in the present video the Lt. Colonel estimates that all the soldiers who took it wont be able to do their jobs by 5 years. So the prognostication is yet uncertain, both as to the % of those who took it and the time line for effects.

  4. From the video I learned that the US Armed Forces may have been injected with something that will render the country defenseless within 5 yrs. or less. That reminded me of one of the visions of a Canadian visionary. In his vision he saw the Russians coming over the northeast through Alaska and then he wondered why neither Canadians nor Americans seemed to react to the invasion. Putting the pieces together, I understood. By that time the Armed forces will be “plucked” (see Daniel 7:4-5) However, the invasions will be repelled according to various seers. The Chinese will be wiped out at the Sierra Nevada in California, the Russians coming from the northeast will enter the country but won’t be able to cross the Missouri River on their way east. All is foretold in a sort of prophetic jigsaw puzzle but it is becoming more clear as the years progress.
    All visions and prophecies end at that point. Curiously, forgive me for bringing this in, all of them coincide with the Third Peril of George Washington’s vision a very discredited prophecy that many say was made up by a writer. It seems that at a momentous point in that global fight there will be a Heavenly intervention.

  5. Excellent video, informative & truthful…….with some sections that are shocking and certainly not for the squeamish!

    One of the professional medical contributors sums up the scenario accurately:-
    …which is, precisely, the heading under which I have shared this to my FB page and to various Catholic FB groups.

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