Andrea Cionci: An Explanation of what an “Impeded See” is, for Dummies

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4 thoughts on “Andrea Cionci: An Explanation of what an “Impeded See” is, for Dummies”

  1. The chaff is also dull colored ( almost black ) which is in symbolic contrast with Pope Benedict’s wheat-like insignia.

    Separating the wheat from the chaff it seems the separation of those who follow Jesus Christ versus Freemasonry’s ideals.

  2. A well-detailed, very clear, explanation which the doubtful, the ignorant, the sinners, the afflicted, and the troublesome [of which there are many who call themselves ”Catholic traditionalists”…] should all be able to understand.
    So it will be interesting to monitor the reactions as I have just shared this among many Catholic FB groups as well as to my own page.

    TRUTH is always divisive.
    “Nothing new under the sun”…….

    Pax vobiscum.

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