Archbishop Viganò addresses Experts who have opposed the Scamdemic

Introduction by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This discourse was given on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022 in an international group meeting of Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International.

I was informed that the Archbishop would be asked this question, which follows below, after his discourse, but it appears that he decided not to answer questions from the audience, even though he had promised to do that in October when he first agreed to join.  Perhaps, I am wrong, but I think it was this question which he wanted to avoid at all cost:

“At Rome, there has been organized a Committee to urge the Italian Parliament to open an investigation into whether the government of Jorge Mario Bergoglio at the Vatican is legitimate or not, that is, whether Benedict XVI abdicated or whether their was a putsch, a hostile take over, and whether the Italian Government should request the Bishops of the ecclesiastical Province of Rome, like yourself, to convene a Provincial council to judge this controversy. Would you be willing to give testimony to such a parliamentary committee and back the convocation of such a council?”

FromRome.Info is first to publish this video on another platform. Other platforms will publish this video in days, weeks and months. But notice how many refuse to cite the existence of this question. — Those platforms must all be considered controlled opposition.

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5 thoughts on “Archbishop Viganò addresses Experts who have opposed the Scamdemic”

  1. Yes I believe you are right, he most definitely wanted to avoid this question at all costs!! If ever there was a loaded question it is this one, ouch! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Our bishop also avoids that question for three years ( almost ten years if you count 2013 ), so I realize now that the clergy in our diocese are in schism from the Catholic Church.

  3. We would remind that it is no sin to question whether a pope was validly elected or not.
    And we are not required to obey a superior whose right to command obedience is in question.
    Perhaps those who fear to ask or answer this question fear excommunication by one thought to be an antipope, who is eventually ruled to be pope?

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