Do not crucify Him, again!

Whether it be pleasing or offensive to Christ,
to attend mass in communion with Bergoglio?

Here are the sources, which I cite during this program:

The infallible Bull of Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam.

The Summa Theologica of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Pars III, Q. 82, Article 9

The Code of Canon Law, promulgated by Pope John Paul II, in 1983: canons 209, 754, 332 §2, 1364.

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27 thoughts on “Do not crucify Him, again!”

  1. Good morning brother Bugnolo,

    Thank you for this informative lesson.
    Now I understand why we confess our sins before we go to the holy commune.

    How do you know which mass names Benedict as the pope?
    So, I attend a mass and the speak about Pope Francis, then I should leave.
    But, most of the time they just say “the Pope”. Is my thought of the only true Pope than enough?

    Kind regards,

    1. If they call Bergoglio, Pope Francis, then you should leave. And you are not obligated to go further than one hour from home to find such a mass. But make sure to tell the priests why you are stopping attending, as you might save their souls…

  2. I am not going to any Mass where the Pachama plant is exhibited or where the “church ladies” (they govern it all here) are working for the synodal synodality of synodalism synod (or whatever communist synodism they call it these days). If on top o those abominations I have to hear the name of that monster invoked — then I am OUT. It would be nice to know of a good priest who posts the daily Mass in YouTube (or some other video service) who DOES NOT mention the beast or his policies.
    I am not looking for angelical purity in the flock but the doctrine and liturgy HAVE TO BE PURE to be effective.
    Thank you for this good lesson, Br. Bugnolo.

  3. I appreciate your passionate discourse on this disturbing situation.

    Since most of us (probably all of us) have attended a Mass in communion with Bergoglio, and have hence committed a mortal sin….to whom to we go to confess this?

    Every day feels like we are getting painted further and further into a corner from which there is no escape. And yet we know our Lord will never leave us without one.

    1. When you are doing the will of Jesus Christ, you are never in a corner, you are at His side, and in His Hands. It’s a decision you can only make by faith in things unseen over things seen. In 3 years, I was able to get to mass about 5 times, and thankfully, now I travel 6 hours weekly just to get to 1 mass. But as I have been saying for 3 years, convert your priests back to B16, so you wont go without the Sacraments. There is a booklet how to do it, which I published here 3 years ago.

  4. Brother Bugnolo, do you know of any SSPX priests who pray for Benedict? Since the Canon of the Latin Mass is silent, there is no way to know who the priest says. The SSPX priest at my chapel never mentions Bergoglio- even in his homilies. Nor does the chapel have a photo of any pope. However, we do have a photo of Archbishop Lefebvre.

      1. I just sent the link to your video to the priest. I have asked him to watch the video and provide feedback.

      2. Let us pray for Father. In their hearts they all know the truth, it is that many feel that no one will help them say so in public. Send another email, saying, Father I will support you saying the truth! I will defend you.

  5. I attend an Eastern Catholic (Maronite Rite) Divine Liturgy on Saturday nights, and the priest there does not mention the pope. One day he said to me that we must pray for the pope (he didn’t say, Francis, he just said pope), and I told him about Pope Benedict XVI not renouncing the Munus. The priest smiled at me, and it looked to me like his wheels were spinning; he was definitely pondering over what I had just said to him, but did not give a response. The subject was changed.

    Is it ok for me to continue attending his church since no pope is mentioned in the Canon (not out loud anyway)? [I was told by a friend that the pope must be mentioned.]
    If the answer is, ‘yes’, I would also like to ask if attending Saturday nights truly fulfills the Sunday Obligation or should I attend his church on Sundays? I do prefer Saturday because the people are quieter and more reverent, (plus, I teach catechism to little ones right before the D.L.), but would switch to Sunday if I had to.
    Thanks in advance for your attention to this, Br. Bugnolo. I appreciate your help!

    1. If he never mentions the name of Pope Francis, but reacted that way to you, from my personal knowledge for decades of the clergy, he is saying that he agrees with you. Otherwise, a priest will contradict you with a stern look, a despising look, a ridiculous look, or verbally contradict you.

    2. This is similarly how our priest behaves.

      I’ve only ever heard him say “Pope”.

      And he regularly speaks out against the “hierarchy” and “leadership” in the church. As well as the “attacks on the church”.
      He asks us to pray for the church and has warned that he “may get fired” and if that’s God’s will so be it. He will set up in a barn if he has to.

      So I have a good sense that he does not recognize Bergoglia.

      However…there is that “required” photo of Bergoglia hanging on the wall immediately as you enter the church.

      1. You can test your priests, by asking them this question: “Father, with all the problems in the Church today, and all that I have read about Pope Benedict XVi renouncing the ministry, not the munus, if I were a priest and I feared persecution, I would simply say during the canon, “For our Holy Father the Pope”. Would it be a sin for a priest to do that?” — And if he says no, and if he already does that, then You have your answer.

  6. Thank you for bringing this topic up again. This is an issue that is in my mind and probably many Catholics that are in communion with Pope Benedict XVI. The Issue is more about which mass to attend but also which sacraments are valid if you know the priest is NOT in communion with Pope Benedict XVI (PBXVI).

    Another question I have is the requirement to go to confession and receive communion at least once a year. How can one go to confession with a Bergolian priest? Or not receiving communion because one dies not know if the host is consecrated or not in a valid mass?

    And another, is the sacrament if the sick or last rites valid if performed by a bergolian priest?

    When I was in the war zone many decades ago, not having access to mass on Sunday or the sacraments was ok, because it was not available. It did not make me feel bad then, but it is not easy for me not to go to church on Sundays, just because there are no know masses nearby that are done in communion with PBXVI.

    On a separate note, if Don Minutella decided to remove his collar and not perform any more masses in public, is he accepting the rule of the anti pope church, or is he still able to perform mass in communion with PBXVI but because of the civil law in Italy, he is not allowed to wear a priest’s collar but he can say a mass open to the faithful but publicized?

    1. If you fall into mortal sin, then if you find a priest who names bergoglio and is not a heretic, but only confused or lazy, you can go to confession to him, because of your extraordinary circumstance and his good will. However, none of the other sacraments are necessary for salvation, so one cannot go to the same priest for the other sacraments. However, if a deacon holds that B16 is the pope, he can obtain the Most Blessed Sacrament from any Church and administer it to Catholics who are in communion with Pope Benedict, in public or in secret, but outside of a mass which names Bergoglio.

  7. Br Bugnolo after consideration of what you present I form the view I should write a full letter explaining to my priest and bishop why I do not attend their Mass pointing them to the references given above and reminding them of Canon 1364.

    May I have your permission to print out your explanation from here below to place within the letter?

    Obviously attributing it to you and giving the link.

    After that it would seem that I should personally visit other priests in my area and beyond asking them who the pope is and handing them the letter if necessary. Also to people who know me in the local church who may be wondering why I am absent.

    Thank you for your work.

    1. Of course you have my permission, that is why I publish what I publish. Hand it out everywhere….

  8. Hi Brother.

    I normally take my four kids (12 through 18) to confession 3 times per year (since it is difficult to take them more often). Can I take them to confession with Bergoglian priest? If I don’t I am afraid that they will receive communion sacrilegiously when they go to mass with their mother – who thinks that Bergoglio is the Pope an does not want to consider any evidence.

    1. If I were a dad, I would not take my children to a Bergoglian priest, because if they still call Bergoglio the pope after all these years and scandals and all the evidence of the non effective abdication, then I would privately presume that the priest is a sodomite or pedophile in favor of the revolution. And then, I would simply go to a shrine and teach my children how to make an act of contrition and do penance, and lead that prayer while asking them to meditate on their sins, repent, make a firm resolution to change, and then as father, I would outloud ask the Lord Jesus to forgive us all, in this age, in which we do not have priests in communion with His Vicar on Earth!

      And I think the Lord Jesus would grant His absolution seeing the humility and good will of this communal act. For He knows how bad things really are, and He has given every priest sufficient grace to change by now. That is why He allowed the Scamdemic in which nearly all were forced to be DeathVaxxed. His ire against them must be kindled beyond all imagining…

  9. Thank you for this important video Brother Bugnolo. It is of critical importance to the soul of every catholic that they recognize that Bergoglio is not the pope, and he will never be.

    From the very beginning ,this fellow Bergoglio who is a heretic and an apostate demonstrated that it was his intention to trash every doctrine, and sacred tradition the Church has taught over the last two thousand years.

    As a result ,the church is being chastised and is in the deepest crisis in its history.. The only way to resolve this crisis is to remove the man who is mainly responsible , and the men around him in the Vatican who put him there.

    As Bergoglio is an invalid pope , and a heretic, everything that he said and did is also invalid and an abomination to Almighty God.. Catholics should totally ignore him.

    Pray for Benedict XVI.

  10. Brother Bugnolo, my whole family have been abstaining from Mass since 10/07/2020, when I was told by the assistant pastor, despite the evidence I presented verbally and in print (that he “discerned would cause him too much anxiety to take and look into”), that I must accept “Pope Francis” as the true pope and that if I wasn’t willing to do that, I should not present myself for Communion. He later said he doesn’t have the authority to prevent us from receiving Communion, as if to encourage us to come back.

    My daughters and I are holding firm to “Where Peter is, there is the Church,” but last year, my two sons decided to return there for Mass, because they felt they needed the Eucharist, they believed that the priests truly don’t understand the issue and might be “coming around,” and they thought they could do as you had previously instructed; namely, they offer the Mass up in communion with PPBXVI–and they each wear the coat of arms of PPBXVI on a pendant necklace. (Hubby might also be weakening.)

    1. Is this absolutely not an option anymore?
    2. What authoritative source can I provide them of the answer to number 1?

    Thanks and Prayers for You!

    1. Jesus is not present in the Eucharity physically only sacramentally. Therefore, if you attempt to receive Him in schism, He would escape from your grasp. The obligation here is for the one receiving the Sacrament, not the one giving, but the notion of schism regards the status of the one distributing the Sacrament not the status of the one receiving or confecting.

      Thus in a papal schism the Eucharist confected by someone siding with the usuper, but taken from the Church by a priest in communion with the true pope, can be received and Jesus will truly be received.

      But even though Pope Benedict XVI is dead, Bergoglio is not the pope. Thus it is a mortal sin of scandal to attend any mass which names his as the Pope, though it is no longer an act of schism, technically, since we are in sede vacante.

      If you attempt to receive the Sacrament from such a public sinner as one who names Bergoglio, you are stabbing Christ in the Heart as soon as the Host touches your lips. I do not think that is spiritually efficacious for eternal life.

      No one is obliged to receive the Eucharist more than once in one’s life. Your daughters have to realize that just as a wife, whose husband is away on work, cannot embrace another man because she needs a hug, so we not only ought not receive the Eucharist under many conditions because the circumstances are not pleasing to God, but we cannot because we would gravely offend the Lord rather than embrace Him with an honest love.

    2. Anyhow, at present a priest should be offering the Mass in suffrage of the Roman Pontiff in death, as the “Cardinal Vicar” of Rome has instructed the clergy of Rome. In such a mass, there is no mention of the name of a living pope, and thus, no mention of Francis. And if a priest is not a public sinner and does that, one can attend such a mass and receive, even if the day before he named Bergoglio, because by such an act he is admitting the truth of who Pope Benedict XVI was until death, and though that does not exonorate him in the eyes of God for his past errors, or even his present errs, it does allow Catholics to licitly receive the Sacrament in such a mass, since his sin is not our sin, and when he observes the externals of the requirements of truth, we sin not in receiving the Sacraments from him.

  11. Thank you for your knowledge of Church teaching, Brother, and for your instruction!

    (Minor FYI: It’s the females in the family who have stayed away from the Masses offered in communion with “Pope Francis;” my sons have returned to them but professing PPBXVI when they go.)

  12. Isn’t it a precept of the Church to receive Communion at least once during the Easter Season? I worry about not finding an appropriate una cum Mass besides online so that I can receive in person. I am attempting speaking to priests, and praying for that end, but I don’t think it will result in a change of heart to be honest.

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