7 thoughts on “Patrick Coffin: Benedict XVI is our Pope!”

  1. I don’t agree with Patrick Coffin on some things. He bashes the SSPX! I’M TRAD & happen to go to an SSPX parish here on Long Island, NY.

    The SSPX are not perfect. I go because I’m going to the REAL MASS, THE LATIN MASS. I LEFT NOVUS ORDO 14 YEARS AGO.

    This about Pope Benedict, yes I believe he is our Pope. Bergolio like Biden, both evil doers! The church is infested with BAD PRIESTS, BISHOPS & CARDINALS! Get rid of Bergolio!

    1. The SSPX was founded by the son of a mason, and ordaines a priest and consecratd Bishop by a mason….. so in all probability Marcel Lefebvre was a mason.

      1. And when Econe opened as a seminary, the local Masonic band came and played for the celebrations. This continued for some years, until Catholics from outside of France and Switzerland were scandalized. Hmm.

        Then there are other strange things, such as the chain of 5 star hotels owned and operated by the SSPX clandestinely from its benefactors knowledge, in France, for the elites.

        But the thing that I noticed most of all, was that the AB was buried in unconsecrated ground, next to the garage, and was never interred in the Church at Econe.

    1. As far as I know they are all in communion with Bergoglio, though here and there, there might be some dissension among their clergy on this score.

  2. Did I hear Patrick correctly at the end? If I did, he is saying that we should not stop going to Holy Masses where Bergoglio is mentioned in the Canon. I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.

    1. Yes, that is what he said, and I responded with a video:


      But you see, since in the USA, which is totally controlled by the CIA, there is no priest who publicly celebrates in communion with Bergoglio, as far as I know, Patrick and many others take this position, because they cannot concieve of how one can be faithful to Christ without the Sacraments. And they do not know the Faith well enough to understand in what circumstances it may be nearly universally impossible to receive them.

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