Remnant Newspaper: Pope Francis is more honest than Pope Benedict XVI

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Remnant is a newspaper in the USA run by Michael Matt, whose family has been publishing a newspaper for Catholics outside of the jurisdiction of ecclesiastical authority for more than 150 years. Michael is a graduate of Christendom College, Virginia, which was founded by at least 2 CIA Agents. — All Catholic Media in the USA have been pushing “Bergoglio is the pope, and that alone is not negotiable” “Catholicism” since Feb. 11, 2013 A. D., because — in my opinion — they are directly or indirectly controlled by agents of the Doctrinal Warfare Program of the US Government, which installed Bergoglio in power and are employing every means of moral and psychological force to defend his claim to the throne of St. Peter.

The above general thesis advanced by Morrison is an outrage, in itself, for obvious reasons.

Moreover, his article contains the absurd manner of argumentation of citing a text, denouncing it as an error, attributing the malice of aforethought to Pope Benedict XVI, that the writer presumes one must have to say the things quoted. It is thus, unfounded, irrational, presumptuous, uncharitable, in addition to advancing a similar thesis to that of the Donatists, that if a Pope be a sinner, then he has no legitimate claim to the Papacy, especially if another worse sinner has seized it from him.  Such is the moral theology of the rebel and the mafioso. Which must be utterly repudiated by all true Catholics for its moral depravity and unconscionableness.

But from a point of politics or psychology, it is also sociopathic, to defend the worse of two rivals and blame the better of the two. That is ultimately self-defeating of one’s own credibility and bizarrely masochistic.

Andrea Cionci, renowned investigator of the words of Pope Benedict XVI, author of the book, The Ratzinger Code (an encylopedic analysis of what Benedict XVI has been saying for 9 years, that he is the one and only pope), commented on this article, apparently in his recent tweet:

English translation of this sarcastic mockery:

Now that I think of it, the theory of the “private teacher” is good to justify the doctrinal abberrations of Bergoglio, but not good for the “modernist Ratzinger” in 1954. Ridiculous.


There are those in the Church who will excuse Bergoglio of every heresy, or charge, claiming he is not speaking authoritatively, so that they can continue to say, “Pope Francis”, but for Pope Benedict XVI, there is no such thing not even for anything he did say when NOT the pope, back in 1954. — This is ridiculous!

Need I say more? Shame on you Mr. Michael Matt. Shame on you Mr. Morrison.

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7 thoughts on “Remnant Newspaper: Pope Francis is more honest than Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. The “substantial error” and the “Recognize and Resist” theories are sucy shameful and outrageously scandalous theories. It is truly amazing the amount of Catholic dogma one has to reject in order to accept them. And this by supposedly “informed” Catholics. If one really thinks about it, the only way this can be promoted by the sheer quantity of supposed Trads is if they are actually CIA operations (whether knowingly or unknowingly).

  2. Just a point of interest, since the US gov’t has not ruled the US in over a century, why would you believe the CIA, formerly OSS, has the “power”, let alone authority, to decide who your pope is? Should you not be looking to those who are the actual leadership for that? The CIA are just glorified drug runners, & “dirty work” sorts.

    1. The CIA is the core of the deep state, and the agency through which the Skull and Bones Lodges rules.

  3. Thankyou Brother Alexis, your commentary is ‘spot-on’!

    Mr Morrison’s frequent articles at The Remnant are usually accurate & perceptive as regards the chaos & crisis of the postconciliar Church with all its manifest deceptions & distractions. Sometimes, his style of writing recalls that of Abp Vigano’s erudite pieces.

    But, here, the enemy has lured him into an absurd critique of Pope Benedict XVI to ‘justify’ the “election” of Bergoglio to the Throne of Peter. Clearly, Mr Morrison needs to read Andrea Cionci’s just-published “The impeded See ‘for dummies’: the wheat of Benedict XVI and the chaff of Bergoglio”.
    After which, will Michael Matt allow any further articles from Mr Morrison to be published…….?

    The strategy of the enemy is, always:-
    Deception, which produces
    Division, which produces
    Distraction, which results in
    Discouragement and Disillusionment
    Which create a spiritual Death…….

  4. Brother Bugnolo with his From and AJ with his Ordo Militaris Radio TV are the best Catholic pundits because they reveal what no other Catholic websites reveal, especially the latest shocker that Michael Matt studied at Christendom College that was founded by the CIA. Who would have ever suspected that Michael Matt was groomed by the CIA with his endless advertising that he has been attending only the Traditional Latin Mass all his life?

    Other Catholic websites may claim to be more “holy” and that they are more faithful to papal teachings before Vatican II, but they do not expose the Catholic pundits who are controlling the minds and hearts of everyday American Catholics and how they are destroying the Catholic Church, not in the way that Brother Bugnolo and AJ are doing it.

    For example, Christine Niles in the Church Militant’s nightly news the other day said at the end of the show that “a famous Protestant YouTuber, Cameron Bertuzzi, has converted into the Catholic Faith.” The way she presented it shows that she is part of the problem because she is promoting a superficial convert and adding to his prestige which is what the Globalists want. The enemies want to use famous converts to infiltrate the Catholic Church to destroy her from within and they are using the Internet to do it this time.

    In the 20th Century the Masons used thousands of clandestine imposter priests and false converts to infiltrate the Vatican and Catholic churches worldwide in order to change the liturgy and doctrines of the Church and mock the Holy Mass. But this time they are using overt false converts to do the massive mind control deception over obtuse Catholics in order to finish off the job in the final destruction of the Church. (God forbid.)

    After watching Bro. Bugnolo and AJ’s exposé on The Curious Case of the “conversion” of Cameron Bertuzzi one can’t help but be shakened and awakened from the massive deception going on in the Catholic Church through YouTube and the Internet.

    Only Bro. Bugnolo and AJ have said that converts should qualify themselves when they speak: “To Catholic Converts, You Too Need To Be Transparent, Put That You Are A Catholic Convert & Not Yet An Expert On The Catholic Faith.” Therefore Christine Niles and all Catholic pundits who speak of famous converts should always say this to make it clear that, “these converts are not experts on the Catholic Faith and Catholics must go back to listen and read on what the real saints who are now in Heaven have already said and written.”

    Another famous superficial convert, happening in France, is the actor and stand-up comedian in a bar, Gad Elmaleh, who is suddenly an expert on the Catholic Faith and has hijacked Lourdes. Read more here

    These books show the massive covert false converts in the 20th Century. Now the Globalists are using famous converts who have no degrees in theology or philosophy to openly speak as if they are the experts thereby replacing the great saints of the Catholic Church in her 2,000 years history. They are part in the destruction of the Church.

    The Plot Against the Church (Free eBook) (FREE eBook)
    Whoever controls MSM controls the world!
    Who owns the media

    St. Louis de Montfort and All Saints in Heaven, pray for Holy Mother Church and for obtuse Catholics!
    True Devotion to Mary

  5. My take on Michael Matt: good guy but not exactly brilliant. I have seen his demeanor change over the years. In my opinion —I could be wrong but I have several alcoholics in the family— Matt should do something about his alcohol intake or whatever is making his face puffy.

    At least he is not coming infiltrated from the Protestant side like “some others” that will remain unnamed. In all cases: follow the money. I am convinced many of those “lay ministries” are flypaper operations designed to (1) collect millions in donations (2) prevent the formation of a true Catholic media.

    1. You said, “At least he is not coming infiltrated from the Protestant side like “some others” that will remain unnamed. In all cases: follow the money. ”

      What you said there makes Michael Matt even more dangerous than all the Protestant converts because he knows exactly what to say like a sly serpent in the Garden of Eden and he knows how to fool Catholics into believing almost everything he says but only to subdue and subjugate them in the end just like he did in the 3-day CIC conference in Pittsburgh where it was all-talk-and-no-action-of-resistance against the tyranny of false-Pope Francis and his minions of bishops and his suppression of the Traditional Latin Mass. Read more about the CIC conference of Michael Matt of The Remnant is controlled-opposition! And so is John-Henry Westen of LifeSite News, a controlled-opposition.

      The superficial Protestant converts will be reading and repeating only specific scripts written for them by the Globalists just like in any TV show because they are paid actors and they do not know much about the Catholic Faith. But they are seasoned actors who will smooth talk and act to deceive gullible Catholics.

      Catholics, BEWARE of converts prowling and seeking the ruin of souls via YouTube and the Internet!

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