BRASIL: Biased coverage of Election dispute argues that Results are doubtful

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A truly glaring anomaly occurred in the international coverage of the election dispute in Brasil following the recent proclaimed victory of the far-Left ex-convict’s claim to victory after electronic voting machines returned statistically different results than the entire rest of the country, for a few electoral districts.

For more than 3 weeks, any search on any search engine resulted in no results whatsoever about any election dispute in Brasil. Nay, rather, all the results were of the absolute certain victory of Bolsonaro’s opponent in last minute counts.

However, yesterday, after filing a petition with the Supreme Electoral Court to annul the results of the electronic voting machines, because they lacked to file their reports with identification numbers, all the main stream media throughout the world jumped immediate to publish that the court had slapped Bolsonaro’s party, the PL, down.

Even the news, yesterday, that such a petition was filed, was scarcely found on the net or social media:

None of this proves one way or another which side is telling the truth. But seeing that both sides are Masonic parties, it is clear that we are seeing a vicious rivalry for power, one nation after another, between the three main forces in international Freemasonry: the Skull and Bones Lodge and those controlled by the Rothschilds and Pilgrim Society.

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2 thoughts on “BRASIL: Biased coverage of Election dispute argues that Results are doubtful”

  1. The plan of the domineering elite, with these rulers and businessmen that we have, is to deliver the country to chaos for good. All for the “democracy” that comes from outside that put the finger on our sovereignty that was still left. 2023 will probably be the back of the use of masks with “vaccines”, totalitarianism and persecutions of those of different opinion. Bolsonaro will probably be arrested, as happened with Lula.

  2. Lula is very sick. His Vice President is called Geraldo Alckmin, he is the perfect guy for the globalists. He says he’s Catholic of Opus Dei, but he believes that hell is empty. I don’t know … may be he wants to be the first to go there.

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