2 thoughts on “SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Senator Alex Antic decries DeathVaxx as Greatest Scandal in Medical History”

  1. God bless him in Jesus name for speaking the truth. Hopefully more people will wake up and open their eyes.
    God bless

  2. It’s certaily 1 of them, at the very least, if not the worst: to sicken some, & terrorize the rest into accepting a killer shot, with no real knowledge of what it is, to keep a job or some other excuse, make them pay for their own murders & maiming, is just monstrous evil. But then, if you look deeply at those who have been pushing this so hard, from the start, you’ll not have to dig far to find the darkness in their hearts to allow, or enact,such a thing. A few centuries ago, such persons would be burned at the stake, hanged, or otherwise executed as witches or sorcerers, and indeed, the latter would the correct label in this case. The Greek word pharmakeia is the word from which we derive pharmacopeia (a compendium of available drugs and their uses), and pharmacy, but it translates as sorcerer! When we look at it in this context, it’s easy to see why Yhwh God condemned it as a sin, for those using it to commit murder and mayhem have surely “sold out” to Satan, for their 30 pieces of silver!

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