2 thoughts on “The Chinese have veto power over what Washington sends to Ukraine”

  1. After witnessing those CHOSEN to win the Fraud/Cheat 2020 Election in the U.S. it’s become apparent the Cabalists/CCP are those APPOINTING the U.S. Govt. Officials and their choices are invariably CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT TO THE INTENSITY OF MENTAL/INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY, COMPLACENT, ORGANICALLY STUPID, OBEDIENT and at best, MEDIOCRE…All TREASONOUS to the U.S. and loyal to them INSTEAD OF ‘The Constitution of the United States. To simply look at those the Cabalists/CCP choose like Biden, Fetterman, Whitmer, Hobbs; it becomes obvious for the reasons faithful Christians, and intelligent, self-sustaining, courageous PATRIOTS are so THREATENING, TERRIFYING and DEPLORABLE in comparison.

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