5 thoughts on “Unvaxxed Blood Banks, a growing movement”

  1. So much of this covid operation is about the BLOOD. That is not a coincidence. Think about it. The perversion of the saving blood of Jesus.

  2. This is also why unpoisoned might risk to be hunted in a near future (I’ve already got several times the feeling that they are more attractive for the poisoned ones, …scarying!). In a way, better be a paria of that dangerous society ! Because if rich injected people discover this, they will need (like vampires) the pure blood to cleanse theirs. Let’s keep an eye on this!

  3. Satan had been trying to preventhe pure blood of Jesus, up to the Crucifixion; after that, corruptionof the blood for that purpose was pointless, as it was a fait accompli! However, what may be at stakeis whether or not those NOT of pure human DNA, , and therefore pure human blood, can, or will, be redeemed. It was Noah’s pure human DNA that enabled his redemption, and the pure DNA lines in the animals brought to the Ark, as well, whic, of course, only Yhwh God could know in those days. This has been a question of mine since humans began diddling with DNA, especially in humans, again, since it was important before, and to which I as yet have no answer or clarification. I can only suggest one think very hard before allowing any to mess with one’s DNA, and ask if it’s worth risking eternal damnation, under any claims about it? What if that is the “price” for those jabs?

    1. There is no such thing as a rivalry between pure and impure blooded race, as the nature of man is one, if we speak of human nature before the DeathVaxx campaign. Now we can, but it is better not to frame it as pure or impure, because in truth it is poisoned or non poisoned, damaged or healthy. If we start using the concept of pure and impure, we will fall into a horrible new form of racism and lose all Christian compassion for the victims.

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